Saturday, September 5, 2015

Frugal Win/Fail:

1) I sold another lot of baby clothes for $45 to someone I know.

2) I transferred an extra $105 into my savings  above my automatic $250/month. This is thanks to a combination of rebates, selling books, and selling my son's old clothes.

3) I spent $72 of my $125 gift card for my grocery haul this week.

4) I read about a half dozen magazines on the Ohio Digital Library. I read Shape, Country Living, OK, Star, Backpacker, Smithsonian, and Good Housekeeping, and I borrowed the book Blogging For Dummies. I borrowed a Dragonbreath book, Lego Ninjago,  and a Magic Treehouse book for my son.

5) I may have qualified for another research study. If they invite me, it will mean another $75 gift card. (*edited- did not get in this time :()

6) I picked up two shifts to work. My mother babysat for one, so I only had to pay a sitter for one of them.

7) We finally received our preschool supply list. I used my stockpile for 3 items and bought the other three on sale, paying only $7 out of pocket.

8) I posted our Chicco high chair on craigslist and sold it for $30.

9)  I went through my girls' clothes and switched them to 2T and 5T, or up one size from previously. The girl clothes I generally pass on to a friend, but there were a few custom 12 month and 18 month clothes I had bought on Etsy that I will try and sell on Ebay. I am also prepared when my MIL asks what clothes they need for Christmas.

10) We ate vegetarian 5 days this week.

11) I found a new to us pink dance leotard required for my daughter's dance class at a consignment store. I picked up another skirt and 2 shirts for her there as well, for $18.50 out of pocket.

12) I earned a $5 ECB from CVS after buying a few beauty items.

13) I downloaded a free Kindle First book, Pale Queen Rising.

14) I baked a loaf of bread for $0.75.


1) Not our fault, but we couldn't get a toilet unclogged and had to call a plumber. We also had to get something repaired on the hot water tank, and altogether it was $312. We learned that our toilet keeps periodically getting clogged because it is just a cheap toilet (our original builder went cheap on everything) and we will have to replace the toilet entirely sometime this year.

2) I live in a uniform of yoga pants, T-shirts, and a pair of jeans. I am down to 4 yoga pants, and one is a maternity pair that is now dying. 3 of my 5 T-shirts are sprouting holes. I had been living in my 7 year old maternity hoodie, and it was finally so ragged and torn I had to pitch it. I sold my maternity coat, and need a winter coat in my current size. I ended up spending $400 at Land's End and LL Bean for winter boots (I have never owned a pair, can you believe it?), a winter coat whose liner can come out and serve as a light jacket, a hoodie, a pair of jeans, and three shirts. I hope the LL Bean quality means these suckers will last a long time!

3) We ate out for lunch/dinner when my sister was here for an extended visit, to the tune of $40

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