Sunday, August 23, 2015

Shopping Trips- Last Week of August

Kroger: $33.50

(Not pictured) My husband decided he would "help" me by stopping at Kroger and picking up a few things. Of course, he did not remember I was in the middle of a challenge and trying to keep this week to $60. He bought soy milk, almond milk, Clif bars, and my son picked out watermelon, cantaloupe, and blueberries as his treat. 

This of course caused me to quickly replan my Aldi trip and menu plan for the week. 

Aldi: $32.48

Weekly total: $65.98, which is not terribly above where I wanted to be.

This is the last week of the month, so here is my total for the month:
$97.90 + $184.64 + 61.28 + 65.98 = $409.80

This is just slightly above the $400/month I plot out for myself, but averages out to $2.73 per person per day. That is still pretty fantastic.

It's been interesting challenging myself to keep our budget around $60 each of the past 2 weeks. We have been eating just fine, and keeping our food waste within check more than usual. (Did you know the average American wastes 20 pounds of food per person per month?)

After receiving my $125 Visa card in the mail from the research study I completed recently, I am thinking it might be fun to challenge myself to sticking to the total of that gift card for the next 2 weeks. I will then transfer the $200 I would usually withdraw for my grocery trips to my Capital One 360 account.

This account is where I put my savings for my Roth IRA and Vanguard investments accounts. My goal is to use my small part-time income to not only pay for our food, clothing, kids' activities, school fees and supplies, entertainment (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and outings), internet, preschool, and medications/medical copays, but to max my Roth ($5500) and put $3000 in investments every year.

We still have plenty of staples and a full freezer, and the pantry can use some thinning. My plan for the next 2 weeks, then, is to stick to a budget of $62.50 per week for the next 2 weeks. Can I do it?

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