Friday, August 14, 2015

Shopping Trips- 2nd Week of August

Haul from Grandma and Grandpa's: FREE

There were a few things we brought from home we didn't eat (yogurt/fruit snacks), but most of this was given by my in-laws.

Meijer: $6

$6 for peanut butter and grapes for free from my mother.

Sam's: $88.23

This is a stock-up trip for us. At the beginning of March, I bought bulk flours from Sam's to make our own bread at the lowest price possible. I am now out of bread flour, and have about half of the all purpose flour left. We haven't made more than a small dent in the oil, vinegar, cocoa, and rice we bought at the same time. 

I bake a loaf of bread between 1 and 3 times a week, and make homemade pizza or buns at least once per month. It has taken us about 5 months to work through the 25 pound bag of bread flour. 

This go round I bought Clif Bars, baking soda, bread flour, all purpose flour, raisins, apple juice, and almonds.

Kroger: $76.89
    food cost: $65.43 (minus the Borax, dish wands, and a night light on clearance)

Target: $15.98 for Clif Bars

Dorothy Lane: $9 for 3 gallons of milk

Total $184.64

Now, if I want to keep my monthly average to $400, this means I have $117.46 left to spend over the next 2 weeks. (We spent $97.90 last week).

Now, we are by no means poor, and it will not break the bank to spend a bit more, but I do like a challenge.

Our fridge/pantry is rather overflowing still, so I have decided to do a mini pantry challenge the next 2 weeks, only buying fresh produce and necessities, and keeping my spending to $60 each week.

Can I do it?

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