Friday, August 21, 2015

Frugal Win/Fail


1) I sold my Angelcare Monitor on Ebay for $40 to someone local. We met in a parking lot to do the exchange. It was nicer than craigslist, because she had already paid via Ebay and I didn't have to ship it.

2) My husband sold 4 boxes of books at Half Price Books for $28. Of course, he bought one book there for $4! Net income: $24.

3) Friends came over to hang out on Saturday. They paid for pizza (thanks guys!), and we supplied beer. I made cold brewed mason jar tea and homemade cinnamon rolls.

4) I bought reusable juice boxes for my son to use at school on Amazon, as well as some crackers and cookies. I used my $5 Prime Pantry credit and $12 in Discover cash back so I spent only $10 out of pocket.

5) I kept my grocery spending to $60 this week to keep us within our $400 monthly grocery budget.

6) I picked up 2 work shifts, and my mother babysat for free.

7) We rented a Redbox movie using the free Redbox code I got last week.

8) I only drove Monday (medical appointment and 2nd grade meet and greet), Thursday (dance class and robotics club) , and Saturday (gymnastics, shopping, and free company picnic).

9) I cleaned the bathroom toilets with a baking soda/borax/vinegar mixture I saw on Pinterest.

10) I have two potential lots of boy clothes I may sell. I hope to meet with the buyers this coming week.

11) We packed lunch every day for my son and once for my husband.

12) I finalized my new Capital One 360 Savings account and set it to automatically transfer $250 every month. If I do that for 12 months successfully, it will be $3000 towards my investment accounts in one year. My monthly income is variable, so this could sometimes be a challenge.

13) Watched some shows on Hulu and borrowed some more Magic Tree House books for my son on the Ohio Digital Library.

14) I received a $10 rebate check in the mail, plus the $125 Visa card from the research study (they were very prompt!).


1) Ordered pizza Thursday night for $30.

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Martha Kelley said...

high five! I treated myself to pizza too.