Saturday, August 15, 2015

Frugal Win/Fail


1) After visiting family for several days, my generous MIL sent us home with a ton of food bought for our kids that we didn't eat there. We came home with ham, hot dogs, bread, buns, cereal, chocolate milk, crackers, fresh veggies, juice boxes, and fresh fruit.

2) I read a magazine on the Ohio Digital Library.

3) I completed the follow-up conference call for that research study I did last week and earned the extra $50.

4) We used a $4 off coupon at Bob Evans on our way home from our trip.

5) I opened up a Capital One 360 Savings account that earns 0.75% interest (higher than our local bank/credit union). I am making planned automatic transfers to this from every paycheck and any freelance income will go here. This will keep my freelance income separate for tax purposes and I hope to make a lump sump into an investment account at the end of the year this way. Making an automatic savings transfer is a great way to save, as you are used to spending only what you have left.

6) I got a free Redbox rental code.

7) I picked up 2 work shifts. For one shift, I got up very, very (painfully) early and worked before my husband left for work to avoid having to pay a sitter.

8) My mom picked up 6 jars of Jif peanut butter for $0.99/each at Meijer this week while we were out of town. When she dropped them off, she also gave us two huge bags of grapes.

9) I went to Sam's and stocked up on bread flour, all purpose flour, raisins, almonds, apple juice, and Clif bars.

10) We did stick to our $300 vacation budget (about $120 for gas, $80 for food, and $100 to get 3 kids and 6 adults into the Zoo).

11) I got a $9.06 Ebates check in the mail.

12) I used a $5 Prime Pantry credit and $12.06 in Discover Cash Back to get a 6 pack of reusable juice boxes, a box of Pepperidge Farm cookies, and some crackers on Amazon for only $10 out of pocket.

13) My mom brought a Cassano's pizza (yum!) for the kids when she babysat.

14) I used a Hulu gift card bought on Ebay with Paypal funds from items I sold to buy a year of Hulu. We are happy with the TV selection, and it looks like the shows I usually bought on Amazon (Dr Who) we can watch on Hulu as they come out.

15) I took a Kroger survey to get $1.

16) We hit up a new park as part of our last day of summer vacation fun.

17) School starts Tuesday for us. So far the only things I have bought are backpacks, dance uniform, reusable juice boxes, and supplies the PTO sold as a full supply kit.

18) I used a coupon to get a free clothing item from Once Upon A Child (a long sleeved shirt for my son).

19) I signed up for automatic payment of my daughter's dance tuition to pay $10 less per month.


1) My mom offered us an evening of babysitting for a date on the fly Monday night. We went to try a new restaurant and spent $80.

2) We had to get milk after coming back from vacation. After 5 hours in the car with a screaming toddler, we made the closest and fastest stop, instead of going to Aldi, meaning milk was $3 per gallon.

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