Saturday, August 1, 2015

Frugal Win/Fail


1) I got a $2 rebate check in the mail from a Yuengling beer purchase.

2) I picked up 3 half-day shifts this week.

3) We borrowed 6 more Magic Treehouse books for my son on the Ohio Digital Library.

4) I baked bread once this week.

5) I spent less than $100 for groceries for this coming week ($97.90).

6) Since I worked 3 afternoons this week, the kids played indoors and did water play on our deck for fun.

7) I sent a water bottle and simple fruit/graham crackers for my son's camp snacks this week.

8) Thanks to our alpaca dryer balls, I used fabric softener on only 2 of 9 loads of laundry this week. (Yes, that's a lot of laundry. We have a preschooler who still has accidents.)

9) I am signed up to do an online survey Mon-Wed for 20 minutes each day, which will pay as a $75 gift card. If they pick me for a follow-up conference call, I will get $50 more.


1) My son was in video game design camp every morning this week. The closest one we could find was a 40 minute drive south, so that meant a lot of driving and more than a full tank of gas to get there for the week. A full tank is about $40 for our minivan.

2) We ended up renting a movie on Amazon for our date night on last Saturday for $4.99. Cheaper than the movies though, right?

3) I still haven't sold those lots of boy clothes, but my mom is considering setting up a booth at a big kid sale soon to sell them for me. The Angelcare Monitor is listed as a Buy It Now on Ebay, and no hits thus far.

4) We had Chick-Fil-A for breakfast one day, to the tune of $14.


1) My kids wanted a day at Chick-Fil-A to eat and play at the indoor gym for their summer bucket list. We did that this week, after camp, and spent $18. It was within my entertainment budget though.

2) We bought camping supplies for our son- a sleeping bag, pad, and pillow, for cub scouts this year. It was $159, but I got 2% cash back from Ebates and free shipping. It was from LL Bean, so it is guaranteed for life.

3) Dinner last night was from the deli at Dorothy Lane, including some cake, as the mister and I worked late. The win part is that we included it as part of this week's groceries, so there is nothing extra spent.

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Mrs. Gamgee said...

Sounds like you had a good week. Our week was an expensive one, with our little getaway. My plan for this next week is to have no fast food/convenience food purchases (including coffee!). I spent a little more at the grocery store than anticipated, but it was a week where I needed to stock up on meat (pork chops & chicken breasts). Hopefully the next couple of weeks will be easier on the budget.