Sunday, July 26, 2015

Shopping Trips: Last Week of July

Kroger: $21.78

I took advantage of some ecoupons to get staples for a stock-up price. Other than yogurt and waffles, I doubt we will be eating much of these this week. I bought pectin to try a peach pie recipe I've been longing to try.

Aldi: $24.68

Weekly total: $46.46

Monthly total:

$46.46 + $103.63 + $132.11 + $99.52 = $381.72

How I think we got here:

* My fridge was still a little full this weekend, and we had a ton of fruit and veg left over, so I am trying to clean it out and use up what we have. I thought of going to Sam's for bulk bread flour, but we have too much going on socially, and I didn't go, leaving my weekly grocery total pretty low.

* I have been keeping an eye on food waste. It wasn't perfect; I think I bought too many tomatoes at the farmer's market last week and we threw out same baked beans. We have had more "hunt and peck" nights than my menu plan called for, as I did not accurately calculate how long we'd be eating those baked beans from last week and that lasagna from this week. Of the four dinners I planned to cook last week, I only made two.

* I also bought a few more things at Aldi that were on my list, such as dye free marshmallows and graham crackers for s'mores we will be making at grandma's, Goldfish Crackers, buns, and chocolate milk. All were cheaper than Kroger this week. We've been slowly trying out the Aldi brand to see if we like the taste, and so far everything has had a thumbs-up.

* I didn't buy any meat. We have ham, cheese, eggs, and plenty of lentils and beans already, and I have a few meats in the freezer.

* Our monthly Amazon Subscribe and Save order had only toilet paper and dishwasher detergent (that is a separate "household" category for me), so that brought down the monthly average. I have nixed most food items through Subscribe and Save, and only buy loose tea, maple syrup, and pancake mix with that every few months.

Average weekly grocery spending for the month of July:


This is $2.73 per person per day.

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Mrs. Gamgee said...

I'm super impressed. Even taking into account the exchange rate and the fact that everything just costs more in Canada, I don't think I can get my grocery bill down that much.