Saturday, July 11, 2015

Shopping Trips- 2nd Week of July

My poor long-suffering husband was complaining this week about running out of soy milk and juice. It is also the time of the month to stock up on his coffee. This coincides with a grass fed beef sale at Fresh Thyme at $3.77/lb (usually grass fed beef is $8-10/lb), so my weekly costs were going to be higher. 

Farmer's Market: $13 for local honey. Did you know autumn honey tastes stronger than spring honey? I didn't know either until I did a taste test at the bee lady's stand. I preferred spring honey. 
I use this for baking bread and occasionally in my tea. Hopefully this will last several months and it supports our local bee population.

Kroger: $60.00

My husband stopped here for soy milk mid-week and spent $14. I shopped there today and spent $46 even. I got a free Skinny Cow Iced Coffee and there was an ecoupon to get peanut butter for $0.99. The Seattle's Best Coffee was $2.99- they let me use an ecoupon and a printable from 

Fresh Thyme: $34.92. 

I got 4 pounds of beef and that was $15.48. You can see why one of our main strategies is eating vegetarian. Beans, lentils, and dairy are way cheaper sources of protein. I had a $5 off $30 coupon in my email to use. I only bought cheap fruit, veg, and meat. Anything else is way too pricey.

Aldi: $24.19

 Nothing special, just our usual milk, OJ, veggies, and fruit. I did pick up a package of Fair Trade coffee for $3.99 to see if my husband likes it. That everyday price rivals or beats what I usually can get on sale with a coupon at Target or Kroger.

Weekly Total: 

Ouch! I'll try to bring my monthly average back in line next week by shooting for $85-90.

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