Saturday, July 25, 2015

Frugal Win/Fail


1) I read a book, Zero To One, on the Ohio Digital Library. I borrowed two Magic Tree House books for my son as well.

2) I listened to a free history podcast about Diogenes.

3) I baked bread twice this week.

4) A friend came over, and we just chatted and drank mason-jar tea.

5) I used some money I got from selling my son's clothes to go out for a work dinner and to hit one of my favorite foodie joints for lunch with my cousin this weekend.

6) My mother took the kids overnight tonight (free babysitting) and the husband and I are having an in-home date night. I am using the B1G1 Chipotle coupon that was floating around this week to get burritos, and we watched a movie on Amazon Prime.

7) I only spent $47 in groceries this week.

8) I used my Y membership once and the kids played outside with the hose several times.


1) I planned to sell 4 boxes of books to Half Price Books today, but left my license in the diaper bag at home, so I couldn't sell them.

2) I threw out a couple tomatoes and a bad orange. We also threw out a couple servings of baked beans from last week.


1) I tried to sell huge lots of clothing on Ebay, but people were not biting because of shipping costs. I ended up closing my listings and posting on a FB yardsale. One person showed interest but would not get back when I tried to plan and meet. Still waiting for those to sell.

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