Friday, July 10, 2015

Frugal Win/Fail


1)We watched neighbors set off fireworks from our back deck on the 4th of July.We had a 4-pack of sparklers in my stockpile that I bought for 50 cents a few years ago, and used half a box. Cost: $0.13.

2) I picked up 3 shifts to work this week. My mom babysat for one, so I didn't have to pay for babysitting that day. That saved me the $60 I have been paying my teenage babysitters.

3) I KonMari'd 12 boxes of books, and my husband took one box to sell at Half Price Books: I earned $20 this week from that. I hope to take another load Saturday.

4) I posted our baby bottles and accessories for sale on Ebay as a buy it now for $15.

5) I spent $13 of the monthly $50 I allow for myself on alpaca dryer balls. I bought them at the farmer's market from a local alpaca farmer. I quit using fabric softener on Saturday. (Dryer ball review coming soon!) I calculate that if I use this for 9 out of ten loads (I like my sheets and towels to smell April fresh), I will save maybe $50 a year, with no fears about topical allergies.

6) I finished watching Season 2 of The Middle, which I borrowed from the library.

7) I read a book I borrowed from the Ohio Digital Library. I was able to read it on my laptop.

8) I stayed within my $100 grocery budget for the week.

9) I baked 2 loaves of bread.

10) With the exception of a few work lunches for my husband, we ate 100% of meals at home.

11) I used my YMCA membership twice this week. On Monday, we walked there and back (it is 1 mile each way) to save gas. My 4 year old told the childwatch attendant "We walked here to save money on gas."

12) I only drove four days: Saturday to grocery shop, Tuesday to the post office, Wednesday to a doctor's appointment, and Thursday to the YMCA. We would have walked to the Y Thursday, but my community repaved the walking paths and they are still blocked off.

13) We are done with a series of medical appointments for our son, and it will no longer cost us $100/month in copays.


1) I returned a movie late to the library and was fined $1. D'oh! I thought I could renew, but for some reason, only that movie was nonrenewable.

2) We threw out some moldy grapes and a bad kiwi.


1) My blog revamp and self-hosting is coming soon (look for a whole new blog, a move to Wordpress, and a name change!). I am paying for 24 months of Bluehost to start with and must pay upfront. I'm hoping to write my way into a win.

2) We are using for our part-time in-home sitter search. We paid for a year's membership ($156) , $59 for an in-depth background search for our prime candidate, and we will sign up for its payroll/tax services, as even part time our sitter will require withholding and tax as a nanny. That will cost around $50/month. However, these are our kids, and I want people to be vetted, have background checks, and not be a random person from craigslist. I can't feel bad about paying for an extra level of safety.

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