Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Food Blog Lovin'- Freezer Cinnamon Rolls from Money Saving Mom

One of last week's frugal failures was the buying of last minute breakfast pastries for way more moolah than I could make myself. I've been thinking of trying to make something that I could make ahead and freeze.

Perfect timing, I saw this post for Freezer Cinnamon Rolls on Money Saving Mom this week, and it looked easy. All it took was throwing a few ingredients into our bread maker and using the dough cycle, rolling it out quickly, spreading some butter/cinnamon mixture, cutting it, and baking it. We received our bread machine as a wedding gift 9 years ago and I really just use it to make pizza dough, focaccia dough, and other yeast rolls. It took me 2 minutes to throw the ingredients in there, and about 5-10 minutes hands-on time to prep the rolls.

It truly was that easy. I haven't frozen any yet, but I have made these twice now. I haven't made the icing, as we thought the filling was super sweet and didn't need any extra sweetness. The second time around, I also reduced the brown sugar in the filling to 1/2 a cup. This made about 14 rolls each time.  I'm estimating the cost per batch, based on 14 rolls, is around $0.50.

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