Saturday, June 27, 2015

Grocery Trips Week of 6/27

I had a few things the family insisted upon this week:

1) Making a meat dish. We eat mostly vegetarian, but occasionally the natives get restless.

2) Stock up on coffee, Cheerios, soy milk, tea, and and juices. We had run out of almost all and had to do without on Friday.

3) Buy lots and lots of oranges (per my son, who eats 3 a day).

Our fridge was pretty bone bare, and we did eat all of the party leftovers from a week ago. Last night, we ate 15 breadsticks dipped in spaghetti sauce plus the last cake. I planned on spending around $130 this week. I initially planned on hitting 4 stores, but my arthritis is unhappy, and in the end I opted for a quick run to the Farmer's Market and Kroger.

Farmer's Market:

Tomatoes for $4

Kroger: $129.38

Thanks to some couponing, I got 6 boxes of Cheerios for $1 each, and 3 packs of Boca Burgers for about $2.50 each, plus a $3 catalina back for them.

This brings me to $133.38 for the week and $426.41 over the entire month, making my average for this month $106.60 per week to feed a family of five.

This is slightly above where I want to be, at $100/week, but I see a few places that I can tweak. A new Whole Foods just opened up, and they tend to have the soy milk we like at a cheaper price per quart. Now that I know my husband goes through 3 packs of coffee per month, I will be keeping my eyes pealed for coffee deals.

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