Saturday, June 6, 2015

Frugal Wins/Fails

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Wins for the week:

1) Did not eat out the entire week. Thursday was extremely busy and tired, and I have been sick all week. We thought of eating out, but I spent 15 minutes thinking it over while I perused a couple frugal Facebook forums I belong to. That was enough for a cure, and I pulled some of that grass-fed ground beef I had gotten super cheap at Fresh Thyme for $3.99 out of the freezer, a 50 cent box of pasta, some frozen peppers and onions, and half a $0.99 jar of pasta sauce, and whipped up spaghetti with meat sauce in 30 minutes for a meal price of about $5 . Big win!

2) I got my delivery of 2 meals for free from my Blue Apron trial Friday and will have two meals to whip up this week, courtesy a code from my friend Martha.

3) I scored an awesome Target deal for Downy, buying four 150-load bottles for $11.42 out of pocket and getting $10 in gift cards back. I used my Red Card, a couple coupons, and a $25 gift card I got from a diaper deal a couple weeks ago. Now I am trying to plan how I will use that $10 card.

4) I played a game in my work's Vitality Wellness Program and won a $5 Starbucks gift card. This is the third month in a row I won.

5) I downloaded a coupon for a free Kraft BBQ Sauce for Kroger's Free Friday download.

6) I downloaded a free Urban Fantasy book, Darkness Brutal, through the Kindle First program ( a free book each month for Prime members.)

7) Used only free entertainment this week: Netflix, Prime, PBS on the Roku, running through the sprinklers, riding bikes.

8) I baked my own bread again, costing me $0.75 a loaf.

9) I filled out a Kroger survey to get 50 bonus fuel points. (Do this 4 times a month, and it will mean an extra 20 cents off per gallon.)

10) Bought two 6-packs of Yuengling beer, and submitted for a $2 rebate. (There was a peelie at target.)

11) My son's school had an end of school picnic, and I went with both girls. I paid $3.95 for him to enjoy the buffet, but brought food in a picnic basket for myself and the girls. This saved us $12. We barely ate after all, as we were too busy playing. It would have been a huge waste.


1) Threw out a bunch of almost blackened bananas (We hate banana bread).


1) Subscribed for Thurs/Sunday newspaper delivery for $14.99/month. I am missing multiple coupon inserts by not having it delivered (P & G does not show up at the store any more) and because we can't always get out on Sundays. I typically buy two newspapers a week, for $16, so it will technically save us $1 a month.

2) Signed my daughter up for dance starting in August. This will be $48/month and will require uniform and recital fees. She really wants it though, and it's physical activity. I can't feel bad about spending on an experience.


Martha Kelley said...

High Five! The return on investment with the arts for Miss E. will be priceless. Our big win was oldest finding cheaper college housing next year, and getting an unexpected windfall which will be used for next year's college expenses. I'm blessed beyond words, Jen.

MrsSpock said...

That's fantastic!