Saturday, June 27, 2015

Frugal Win/Fail- 4th Week of June


1) Sold our Angelcare monitor and a Vera Bradley tote on Ebay for $52.50.

2) Got a 7 month supply of one of my medications for $25.72 out of pocket. After switching to a generic antacid (and an H2 blocker instead of a PPI), using a coupon and $13.75 in ECBs at CVS, and taking advantage of a B1 G1 at 50% off deal, I paid for a 7 month supply what I typically paid for a one month supply. Total savings will be $150.

Since we will have had 12 medical office visits by the end of June, to the tune of $300 for all the copays, I am very happy with this.

3) Spent about $71 in groceries for ourselves this week. There was a LOT of food left over from the party. We gifted a friend about four 12-packs of Coke products for her son's graduation, as we don't drink it at all.

Helpful hint: we revived the vat of cold spaghetti with a little olive oil, as suggested by my Sicilian uncle. He also told me we could fry it in a pan with a little olive oil as well.

4) Craved a Mocha Frappucino and made my own after a Pinterest search.

5) Used my YMCA membership three times. Added bonus: using the membership 2-3 times a week is getting me extra money through my work's wellness program, almost half the monthly cost of our Y membership!

6) My mom bought us a gallon of milk from Aldi and a box of crackers.

7) We are joining a friend at a local park today (free), and the kids will play in the splash pad (free) and we will grill out at their camper. I am making pasta salad and oatmeal raisin cookies from things I already have, and will spend about $3 on hot dogs we will bring to share.

8) At first glance, it sounds expensive, but I spent $209 on Zulily for Christmas. I have had my eye on a software program for kids that teaches them Java to create their own custom mods in Minecraft. My son REALLY wants to be able to do this. The software is $250 and it was $100 less on Zulily. I also found some art-related coloring books at 50% off for my older daughter. I had a $25 Paypal balance in there from selling on Ebay, so it was $184 out of pocket instead of $359.

9) Went to the local library for the first time in almost 5 years. I had to pay $1 to get a new card, but we came home with the new Terry Brooks novel for me, a Magic Treehouse for my son, and 4 DVDs. Even better, I found out we can now borrow a digital version of this whole series my son loves on our Kindle through an app! Things have changed since I last worked at a library in 2000.

10) I earned $2 in ExtraCare Bucks from CVS for filling out a survey sent to my email.


1) My daughter is in art camp, and it is a 20 minute drive away. I will have gone through a full tank of gas by the end of the week. Ouch.

2) The down side of staying at home and still trying to do some professional things: having to pay for a sitter, $60 out of pocket. I belong to a professional nursing organization. To be certified, you have to pass a 15 contact hour home study course before sitting for your certification exam. I am one of a group of 15 nurses who are part of a committee to rewrite the course. I am considering getting my PhD, and this would be a very valuable experience to have.

My team finished a chapter and had to present it this week, and I needed to have a sitter watch the kids and keep them happy and in another part of the house during my conference call. It went well, and it was worth the money, but $60 is a lot to me now. My next chapter is due in two weeks, and I will be working that day and doing my meeting on my lunch break. At least I will be earning some money that day!

3) Paid for 4 more Kindle Magic Treehouse books before I decided to get my behind to the library and get a new card.

4) Threw out a bad orange and a bad apple. Bought a pound of lunch meat at Target, and even though it was within the sell by date, we thought it smelled really off and threw it out.


1) I got a great deal at Target on razors. If you have been following the blog, you may remember that in 2009 when I started couponing I was able to spend only $9 to buy a huge stockpile of razors/refills for my husband. The coupon deals were a bit better back then. This is the first time since 2009 that I have had to buy razors. The fail part is that I forget one coupon on my dining room table- the one that would get me a $10 gift card back for buying $35 in shaving products at Target. D'oh! So ticked at myself for that one.   There was no way I was schlepping 3 kids back to that store to do it all again though.

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