Sunday, June 21, 2015

Frugal Win/Fail- 3rd Week of June


1) See the picture above? My sister, the graphic designer, made custom cake toppers for my mother's retirement party. Comparable ones go for $10-50 on Etsy. On a side note, my sister should probably open her own Etsy shop.

2) I spent about $132 on my grocery trip this week, however 2/3 of that was for party food and was technically paid for by relatives. I spent about $33 for food on my family. I still have to get staples, like soy milk and apple juice, but that's about it, so we are at about $43 in groceries this week from the store and $24 from Amazon Subscribe and Save.

3) We have a LOT of food leftover, including two large pizzas, a pan of spaghetti that should serve 10, a tray of salad, half a tray of lasagna, and half a tray of chicken alfredo. And about a half sheet size of cake. This will pretty much feed us all week.

4) We went to the Zoo using our already paid for Zoo membership. As long as we use it three times in 12 months, we will come out ahead. My sister was our guest for free thanks to our membership package. We brought our own water and juice boxes to the Zoo.

5) We went to the park once this week as well and used our YMCA membership twice.

6) We surprised my mother at work on her last day there, and her coworkers sent us home with a giant load of food from their party. (This kind of cancels out the Chic-Fil-A incident below, as we had planned on eating out that night, and ended up not having to do so. Thanks ladies!!)

7) I can't claim any responsibility for this, but our youngest successfully made it through her oral peanut challenge at the allergist's office. Can I tell you how much money this will save in not needing to buy certified nut free chocolate chips, regular foods without special nut free measures, and plain old cheap peanut butter?

8) I listed our Angelcare Monitor and a Vera Bradley tote bag on Ebay and both have bids on them thus far (about $27 and hopefully will close higher).

9) I had bought gift cards in the fall as part of a fundraiser for my son's school, and gave one to my father for Father's Day.


1) We opted to buy pizza at the Zoo, plus an Icee for my son- a cost of $23. We were exhausted after walking/driving all day and opted for Chic-Fil-A that night, to the tune of $20.

2) We threw out a rotting avocado, a couple jars of dip for the party that nobody wanted to take home, and a couple servings of beef and cabbage that no one wanted as leftovers. I bought a schnecken for $10 at our fancy grocery for breakfast the day of the party and it really wasn't good enough to be $10. I could have made cinnamon rolls that tasted better.

3) My daughter needed an antibiotic, and I picked up the one prescribed for her at the pharmacy Friday. I went to give the first dose that night, and a little voice in my head told me to double check the ingredients for red dye- her allergen that causes hives and necessitates we carry an Epi-pen everywhere. Lo and behold, it did, and the doctor and the pharmacist both did not catch it. I can't return what had been dispensed, so that $10 copay is a loss. Let me tell you, I will check before I leave next time.

4) Packed zero lunches for my husband this week. He's not terribly motivated for this, so he is not unhappy.


1)  Father's Day lunch at Panera with my dad, and bought lunch for him and us, for $36. I won't call it a fail, as it was a gift and it was planned, but I'm wondering if I could have found a coupon somewhere. I had never taken the kids there, and am happy to report they were very happy with peanut butter sandwiches and squeeze yogurt. We were able to easily avoid our other allergens (cashew, shellfish, strawberry, and red dye).

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