Saturday, June 13, 2015

Frugal Win/Fail- 1st Week of June


1) I stuck to my menu this week without any variation- so no eating out. We came close again on Thursday thanks to a long time at the park, a long medical appointment, and everyone being hungry and tired. That was an exercise in willpower.

2) Treated myself to a $2.19 Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cone as planned and read a book in my van for some "me-time". ( I used to go to a restaurant for a $20 brunch and tea).

3) Baked bread three times.

4) Made my two free Blue Apron meals.

5) Downloaded a freebie for iced tea at Kroger on Friday.

6) Took a free class at work to fulfill my required one hour Nursing Practice Act CEU to renew my nursing license.

7) Paid my grad school tuition by electronic check to avoid paying a 2.5% fee for using a credit card.

8) Signed up for 17 work hours during non-business hours to work without child care.

9) Took the kids to a local park for fun time.

10) It's hot, but I am heat-tolerant. My A/C is set at 82, and we keep the blinds closed and run ceiling fans to manage.

11) Returned glass milk bottles for  $3 cash back.

12) Bought a huge vat of Carnation Instant Breakfast my son needs to help gain weight at Sam's at a much lower cost than the store.

13) Made a pound of black beans from dried in my slow cooker. I kept half in my fridge for use this week, and froze the other half. (I just soak in the pot for 12 hours overnight, drain water, refill with clean water, and cook on low for 12 hours. Drain, and either stick in the fridge or freeze.)


1) Impulse bought The Music Man for $5.99 on Amazon Instant Video. My daughter is really into musicals.

2) Threw out two bins of mushrooms and the quinoa leftover from our Blue Apron meal. There is a vat of half eaten Kroger cole slaw I bought for my family during a cookout weeks ago that I won't eat (HFCS and I am trying to lose weight) but feel bad about throwing out. I really just need to pitch it.


1) Bought the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up on Kindle instead of waiting for the library. It was $7.26. ( I am within my $25 fun money for the month still, but I am up to $15 already and it's just the 13th.)

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Martha Kelley said...

A book is always a win. I'm going to get this book also. You Rock!