Monday, June 1, 2015

Food Blog Lovin'- American Sandwich Bread from Annie's Eats

I am continuing to experiment with homemade bread. I have done well with the hand-shaped french bread from the Prudent Homemaker, but wanted a loaf with a good high rise that could be sliced into traditional sandwich loaf slices.

I was floating around Pinterest today, and found a recipe for white bread with milk and honey on Annie's Eats. I used olive oil instead of melted butter, and bread flour, which has a higher gluten content (to help with the rise).

I have a Kitchen Aid stand mixer, but who knows where that dough hook is. I have always hand-kneaded my dough. Working with french bread dough can be hard, stiff work, and I have arthritis. I was pleasantly surprised to find this dough was very soft and easy to knead. I used the non-homogenized whole milk we get from a local farm.

I put a pan of water under my bread to steam it while it bakes, and used my Le Creuset bread loaf pan. The only thing I would change is to grease my pan more, as I just spritzed it with olive oil. I had to use a knife to remove the sides of the bread from the pan, but it came out whole.

I had a good 4-5 inch rise to my loaf, and got 11 slices. My family and I gave it 100% thumbs-up and I will definitely make it again.

Because I used milk, honey, and oil, I would say a loaf costs at least 75 cents to make. Each cup of this brand of milk costs $0.49 and it takes one cup to make a loaf. Your loaf would be cheaper if you used a different brand. This is still much cheaper than the $4.99 loaf of artisan bread at the specialty store!

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