Saturday, May 30, 2015

Frugal Win/Fail


1) Winning a $20 Kroger gift card at a work raffle.

2) Keeping this week's groceries to less than $65.

3) Used a 50% off deal to take kids to the Butterfly Show. We saved $14.

4) Used a Frisch's gift card to eat out.

5) Made homemade pizza for $0.50.

6) Transplanted basil and cilantro seedlings. So far, basil is growing and cilantro looking iffy.

7) Cancelled after school care for my son since dropping from full time hours, to save us $40/week.

8) Sold our Baby Bjorn on Ebay.

9) Used Starbucks gift cards I earned at my work's wellness program as thank you gifts for my kids' teachers.

10) Bought diapers at Target at the stock up price of $0.11 per diaper. I bought two large packs and got a $25 gift card back.

11) Am having a friend with a cake business on the side make the cakes for my mother's retirement party at a lesser price than a large bakery (bonus allergy friendliness).

12) Submitted for reimbursement of my entire dependent care flexible spending account.

13) Used Kroger fuel points twice, getting 60 cents and 30 cents off per gallon at those two fill-ups.


1) Not planning for family in town and spending more on groceries last week then planned.

2) Threw out some rotten veggies from the fridge. Wasted food :(.

3) Took my daughter to Target with me and ended up buying clothes she picked up. A money fail, but life win, as she had been tantruming every morning and making us late because she doesn't like the hand me downs we inherited, and now she happily wears the few new things that she picked out.

4) Signed my son up for Robotics club in his new school district. Since we are transferring in this year, we only found out about it today, and had to pay a $15 late fee, as the deadline to apply was last week. Not 100% our fault but sucks nevertheless.


1) Made impromptu decision to go to a festival last weekend. The kids loved it and we spent a minimal amount on rides/games. We did spend $40, but won back $16 playing Bars and Bells. We kept the money instead of rebetting it. The kids tried their first ice cream cones ever.

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Martha Kelley said...

Sounds like wins all around. Fails are lessons that have a price...