Sunday, April 5, 2015

Grocery Trips- April Week 1

My goal for April is $500- or less- on groceries per month.

There is a new Whole Foods-type store in my area called Fresh Thyme, and I decided to check it out this week. It was set up just like Whole Foods, and a lot of the prices were just as hefty, but there were some great loss-leader produce items.

I paid $0.97/pint for raspberries, $0.77 each for avocados, and $2.97/pound for grass-fed beef. I usually pay $8/lb for that! Of course, I bought several pounds, which I froze for future use. I have been trying to find the lowest price for maple syrup, at least some that was less than $24 for 32 oz for organic maple syrup that I get through Amazon Subscribe and Save. They had a 32 oz Grade A syrup that was $19.99, so we are trying it and hoping it isn't skunky maple syrup.

Total at Fresh Thyme: $57.75


Red Gold canned tomatoes were $0.39 each after buying 10 participating items, so I bought two orange juice half gallons and 8 more cans of tomatoes for my stockpile. 18 eggs were $1.99, and we are in our milk trial for baby girl, so I bought less expensive whole milk and dairy yogurt for her.

Total at Kroger: $59.51

Today was Easter and we ate at my mother's, who is unable to cook only a small amount of food. I brought home a huge load of brussiolatini (Sicilian meat dish- I have no idea if I spelled that right), ham, and turkey lunch meat, 4 cartons of chocolate almond milk, cider, and orange juice, green beans, mashed potatoes, homemade chocolates, cake, fruit, and salad.

I am baking bread tonight to prep for my husband's lunches tomorrow, and sending him with big sandwiches full of meat and veggies, a big salad, and cake.

My weekly total is $117.26, under the $125 I wanted to stick to this week.

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JEN said...

nice! I love good leftovers. I hid some deviled eggs from yesterday so at least I have those leftovers.