Saturday, April 11, 2015

Grocery Trips- 2nd Week of April

Kroger Trip: $63.04.

The major deal I took advantage of at Kroger this week was half gallons of milk for $1. The milk trial is going well with the baby, so I am going to make slow cooker yogurt with it this week. I had to buy a small yogurt as a starter culture, but should be able to save some aside from this batch and use for future yogurt batches.

It was a later than normal shopping trip day, thanks to two lessons and a birthday party, so I picked up chicken nuggets and tater tots for dinner- a rarity in this house. That added an unnecessary $7.50 to my total.


Fresh Thyme: $23.51

I pretty much only bought the loss leader produce at Fresh Thyme (otherwise it would be very expensive). I got cantaloupe for $0.77 each, asparagus for $0.97/lb, apples for $0.88/lb, and tomatoes for $0.77/lb. Bags of organic carrots were for $1 for a pound.

Fresh Thyme

Total for the week: $86.55! 

A friend who raises chickens is bringing 4 dozen eggs to me this week too. I plan on making a ton of deviled eggs for my husband's lunches, eating scrambled eggs for dinners, and maybe a frittata.

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