Sunday, March 29, 2015

Grocery Trips Week of 3/29/15

My son is on spring break this week, and we will have his 17 year old babysitter staying with us for the week, while he watches him during the day. I've spent a bit more on food than usual, though not much.

Kroger: $123.57.

I have also spent $128 on Amazon to buy bulk food storage bins with gamma lids, the same ones used in this post on the Prudent Homemaker. I have been baking our own bread for $0.25/loaf, and it is easy and better tasting than store-bought. I plan on buying bulk bread flour, all purpose flour, rice, whole wheat flour, and oats.

I am continuing to tweak our grocery budget and other spending categories as we transition to a single-income family.

This will be a big change to our household in the next four months, and I hope to resign by the end of the summer. Working has helped us get to a really good place financially, and I have no regrets, but we have so many health issues in the family, that we feel a stay at home parent will be better for all of us. We are tightening things and living off my husband's salary, as we finish paying off our 14 month old minivan and get ready for me to quit my job and stay home with the kids. It should be interesting, as I also plan to be in grad school part time the next two years  to get a Masters in Nursing Education (hoping to teach online courses from home part time when done), and we would like to pay for it out of pocket without accruing debt or loans.

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