Sunday, March 29, 2015

Menu Plan 3/29

Sunday: Veggie Lasagna

Monday: Leftover lasagna

Tuesday: Lentil Shepherds Pie, Asparagus

Wednesday: Slow Cooker Boston Baked Beans, Corn

Thursday: leftover beans with hot dogs, Corn on the Cob

Friday: Hunt and Peck

Saturday: Hunt and Peck for family (girls night for me)

To make:
French Bread
Whole Wheat Crackers
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Grocery Trips Week of 3/29/15

My son is on spring break this week, and we will have his 17 year old babysitter staying with us for the week, while he watches him during the day. I've spent a bit more on food than usual, though not much.

Kroger: $123.57.

I have also spent $128 on Amazon to buy bulk food storage bins with gamma lids, the same ones used in this post on the Prudent Homemaker. I have been baking our own bread for $0.25/loaf, and it is easy and better tasting than store-bought. I plan on buying bulk bread flour, all purpose flour, rice, whole wheat flour, and oats.

I am continuing to tweak our grocery budget and other spending categories as we transition to a single-income family.

This will be a big change to our household in the next four months, and I hope to resign by the end of the summer. Working has helped us get to a really good place financially, and I have no regrets, but we have so many health issues in the family, that we feel a stay at home parent will be better for all of us. We are tightening things and living off my husband's salary, as we finish paying off our 14 month old minivan and get ready for me to quit my job and stay home with the kids. It should be interesting, as I also plan to be in grad school part time the next two years  to get a Masters in Nursing Education (hoping to teach online courses from home part time when done), and we would like to pay for it out of pocket without accruing debt or loans.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Menu Plan Week of 3/8/15

This week's grocery spending:
$36 at Sam's Club for 25 lb of bread flour, 2 gallons vinegar, 1.25 gallons canola oil, 1 lb of cocoa and 1 lb of black pepper. If you avoid the processed foods, and stick to bulk basics, cheese, and sometimes fruit, the membership is worth it. I took note of bulk prices of sugar, all-purpose flour, and rice, and was disappointed to see no bulk dried beans. I did note that I could bulk buy dried beans online for slightly less per pound than Walton Feed, and they already come in food grade storage buckets with gamma lids, so I might be doing that. We are waiting to buy more bulk flour until we are sure baby girl does not have a wheat allergy.

Kroger: $78

Total: about $115

This week's frugal accomplishments:
1) Going to Goodwill to replace the broken plates/cups for the kids. We set ourselves up as Montessori style and serve the kids using glass drinking glasses and dishes. Our 4 year old has broken one plate and three glasses (also bought at Goodwill) in the past nine months, and we are down to one glass and a couple of mugs for the kids. We see it as a learning experience, and it helps us to stay as plastic-free as possible. I spent $3 on 2 glasses and 2 plates, and $0.75 of that was an extra donation to Goodwill.

2) Buying flour at Sam's brought my price per loaf down pretty low for my home breadmaking- $0.20/loaf.

3) Used over 600 fuel points at Kroger to get $0.60/off per gallon at Kroger Fuel Center, for a price of $1.69/gallon.

4) Used Evites to send free birthday invites for my son. We are keeping it small by inviting family and 4 friends for a low-key party at our house. I will bake my own cake this time.

5) Weaned our 14-month old off soy milk onto water, as we suspect she has both a milk and soy allergy. (Prompted by our pediatrician). This will save us $7.50/week for soy or other non-dairy milks.

6) That massive amount of slow cooker refried beans. It cost about $2 and resulted in 5 meals for 5 people, plus a quart-sized baggie that we froze for future use.

7) As an Amazon prime member, I was able to download two new books in their Kindle First collection for free yesterday.

Sunday: Soooo many refried beans left still: We are piling this on top of nachos, with lots of lettuce, tomato, green onions, cilantro, black olives, and a wee bit  of cheddar cheese. I swear my kids eat a whole bowl (after complaining the first 1-2 times we had this).

Monday: Yep, still eating those Refried beans with lots of veggies (did I mention a 2 lb bag of pintos makes at least 5 pints).

Tuesday: Beans and Fixins' Again!

Wednesday: Ratatouille and Italian Sausages, Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Thursday: Refried Beans in tortillas with veggies and Spanish Rice, Salads

Friday: Deviled Eggs, Roasted Broccoli and Sweet Potatoes

Saturday: Homemade Pizza with Cheese, Corn, Making Cake or Cookies for my birthday

Also making: French Bread (I picked up a 25 lb bag of bread flour from  Sam's Club for $8.53, which will drop my price per loaf to about $0.20 per loaf!)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Menu Plan Week of 3/1

Sunday: Lentil Shepherds Pie (my 13 month old loves this!)

Monday: leftover shepherds pie

Tuesday: Veggie Infused Meatloaf, Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Sweet Potatoes, Apples

Wednesday: Slow Cooker Refried Beans over Rice with Herbs and Veggies

Thursday: leftover rice and beans

Friday: Fiesta Beans and Nachos using those refried beans

Saturday: TBD

This week's bread: homemade French Bread

For baby: Applesauce