Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weekly Shopping

Weekly CSA box from Fulton Farms (2 cabbages, quart tomatoes, 1 large zucchini, 1 beet, 1 kohlrabi, 4 yellow squash, 8 carrots, 3 cucumbers, 3 ears of corn): $22

Health Food Unlimited:
2 bunches organic bananas: $4.70
2 boxes Earth's Best Organic Waffles: $7.58
3 4-packs Silk Soy Yogurt: $14.97 (Whole Soy out of stock due to factory issues)
Applegate Farms Organic Bacon: $ 4.99
Tree of Life Organic Ketchup: $2.27
Organic Lettuce: $3.09
Mushroom Broth: $4.59
1.7 lb Organic Dried Navy Bean: $2.91
1.3 lb Organic Raw Pumpkin Seeds: $9.43
2 lb Organic Quick Oats: $3.01


Organic Ezekial Bread: $3.49
Skyline Frozen Chili Spaghetti: $3.49
Organic Apple Juice: $3.49
Ginger Snaps: $2.99
2 cans Pringles: $3
Kroger Croutons: $1
Kroger Canola Oil: $2.58
LaRosa's Spaghetti Sauce: $2.99
Deli Swiss Cheese: $3.25
Deli Roast Beef: $4.87
Deli Pickle Loaf: $3.70
2 Organic Soy Milks: $5
Silk Almond Milk: $2.99
2 8 oz Coppertone Kids Sunscreen (used $5 off 2 coupon): $8.98


Weekly Total: $132.34

Percentage Organic Items: 53 food items/38 organic = 72% organic

Room for improvement: Try to perfect homemade soy yogurt (HUGE expense). I find it difficult to get the soy product to thicken evenly and my kids prefer it thick rather than runny. Also, I'd like to experiment making my own mushroom broth. Right now we do not have room in the freezer, thanks to the summer produce, and we have no additional freezer (we have to rewire the electric in the house before we can add another energy sucking device). The Pringles? Total impulse buy.

Still, we're under $140/week, which is the government's estimates for a "thrifty" plan for a family of 4- and my budget this week included $9 for sunscreen.For food, I averaged $30.75 per person. Almost 3/4 of our food was organic.

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