Sunday, March 17, 2013

Shopping Trip 3/15

I didn't have time to hit anything other than the nearby brand new Kroger. Here's what I got this week:
Organic Strawberries
2 packs of Earth's Best Waffles (organic)
Large pack organic spinach
Organic ground beef
brussels sprouts (conventional)
organic head of cauliflower
cantaloupe (conventional)
Kroger shredded cheese
Yukon Gold potatoes (conventional)
organic raspberries
2 packs organic blackberries
large pack blueberries (conventional)
Applegate Farms bacon
Kroger deli broccoli cheese soup
Kroger brand cupcake liners
Dean French Onion Dip (for party)
Potato Chips (for party)
Organic White Flour
Kroger chocolate almond milk
Kroger Chocolate Soy Milk
Kroger unsweetened almond milk
8 Silk soy yogurts
Organic Apple Juice
Kroger grape juice
Juicy Juice Apple Juice boxes (for party)
Pizza Rolls (for party)
Organic Wheat Crackers
Ezekial Organic Wheat Bread
Organic canned tomatoes
Rotel mild tomatoes
Organic peanut butter
mushrooms (conventional)
organic cilantro

Total: $108.63

36% of my items were organic

I still have to hit the specialty store for local eggs and dairy-free chocolate chips . That should be $5 more.

Next week or the week after should start our delivery of Fulton Farms Happy Box. Fulton Farms is a local CSA farm who does home delivery all over the Dayton, OH area. We will get the Standard Small box, which will include local organic produce from the farm and a bit of organic produce from elsewhere to round it out. The Standard small box in $22/week, and has about 10-15 pounds of produce.

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