Sunday, November 24, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Sunday: Balsamic Roast Beef in Slow Cooker, Corn on the Cob, Oranges

Monday: Leftover Beef, Salad, Grapes

Tuesday: Hunt and peck: eggs, toast, salad, leftovers, oranges

Wednesday: Grandma has kids. Indian Takeaway date night.

Thursday: Thanksgiving. Grandma cooks!

Friday: Thanksgiving leftovers

Saturday: Mujadarrah

Snacks and Treats:

Homemade 30 minute Whole Wheat Soft Pretzels

Vegan Cinnamon Rolls

Homemade Popcorn

Rutabaga Honey Cake

Weekly Shopping Trip

Looong time no post. Still experiencing the joy of hyperemesis. 7.5 more weeks until baby....

We're still getting our box of produce from the farm through mid-December, and then it will pick back up in March. This week's box was $22, as usual, and has loads of greens, 2 heads of leaf lettuce, one bunch of arugula, 1 bunch of kale, bananas, 3 apples, a large radish, 2 beets, 2 rutabaga, a head of cabbage, and 2 turnips

Kroger Trip:

Kroger Wheat Pasta, 1 lb. $0.89
2 1/2 gallons Kroger Almond Milk: $5
2 1/2 gallon Kroger Organic Soy Milk: $5
2 boxes Organic Earth Best Waffles: $7
2 pints blueberries: $5
Cantaloupe, cut: $5.29
Kroger Peanut Butter: $1.88
Kroger Flour, Organic: $4.49
8-pack Apple Juice Boxes $2.99(for school holiday treats)
6 Silk Soy Yogurts: $7.74
6 pack grapefruit: $2.99
5 lbs Clementines: $5.99
2.5 lb Beef Roast: $8.31
6 lbs Bananas: $3.26
Ezekial Bread: $3.49


Total of all food:

Suave Bodywash (with ecoupon): $1
2 packs Pampers (with $5 in ecoupons): $13.98
$100 Amazon gift card (You get 4x the fuel points now, and we use Amazon every month for Subscribe and Save. I load it to my Amazon account and it automatically is used when my order is filled.)

One of the soy milks will go towards making yogurt again this week. My brother is a chef and gifted me with a heavy-duty Bouillon Strainer that I plan on using this way to make the thicker yogurt my kids will eat.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Grocery Trips

Farm Box: 3 beets, 1 quart tomatoes, 3 ears corn, 2 heads leaf lettuce, 3 bananas, 4 oranges, 2 onions, 6 bell peppers

Dorothy Lane:
Green Lentils, dry: $1.39
Smucker's All Fruit Strawberry Jelly" $ $2.65
2 lb grapes: $ $5.90
2 lb nectarines: $5.56
4 lb clementines: $ 9.99
4 lb organic cauliflower: $3.99
1/4 watermelon: $3.49
1/2 gallon apple cider: $3.99
4 lb pork tenderloin: $16.71
All beef Nitrate free hot dogs: $ 4.79
1 Lean Cuisine Pizza $2.99
1 dozen Organic Eggs: $1.49
3 Silk Almond Milks : $8.97
5 Silk Soy Yogurts: $  7.50
10 Grain Bread $ 2.99


Dorothy Lane Trip #2
4 Silk Soy Yogurts $6
3 lb Bananas: $0.27


Earth's Best Waffles 2 boxes: $7


$117. 51

Test #2 of homemade soy yogurt coming up this week!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Lentil Shepherd's Pie

Tuesday: Falafel, Tomatoes, Corn on the Cob

Wednesday: Corn and Potato Chowder with Bacon

Thursday: Boston Baked Beans, Roast Squash

Friday:  Homemade Pizza with Pepperoni, Onions, Roasted Garlic, and no Cheese

Saturday: Dinner Out

Sunday: hunt and peck

Weekly Shopping

Fulton Farms Box: About 80 million heads of garlic, 1 head of lettuce, bananas, 5 beets, 10 red bell peppers, 4 plums, 3 lbs potatoes, 3 onions, 1 squash= $22 

(counting as 25 items)

Dorothy Lane:
Organic Apple Juice: $4.45
Ketchup: $1.19
3 lb Organic Bananas: $0.26
2 lb Clementines: $2.99
2 lb Green Beans: $4.32
Organic Blueberries: $2.99
Organic Croutons: $2.49
DL Bacon: $5.99
2 Silk Soy Yogurts: $2.99
Organic Valley Chocolate Soy Milk: $1.99
DL 10 Grain Bread: $2.99


Kroger (husband's trip):
6 Silk Soy Yogurts
2 boxes Organic Earth's Best Waffles
2 Almond Breeze Chocolate Almond Milk
Tom's of Maine Dye Free Toothpaste

about $20

Total: $74.64

Total Food Items: 47
Total Organic: 32
% Organic: 68%

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Frugal Meals

12-13 years ago, I was working at a group home full-time, but earning peanuts. We're talking a gross income of $11,000/year- $9000ish after taxes- in an area where fair-market rent was more expensive than I could truly afford.

I had a tiny, tiny food budget of $10/week. This was before the era of couponing and frugality blogs, and my only resources were my vegetarianism, the library, and my own ingenuity.

I owned a copy of The Complete Tightwad Gazette, and religiously used my price book. At the time, I could stock up on store-brand pasta and mac 'n cheese when it was on sale for $0.20/box.

I made this recipe for Cuban Bread (a quick version of yeast bread) and every morning I would have a slice with margarine for breakfast, or oatmeal made with powdered milk, a slice or two with peanut butter for lunch, and pasta, mac 'n cheese, or lentils and rice for dinner. I can't say it was a varied diet, and I couldn't afford more than canned veggies and fruit or fresh potatoes, but my caloric needs were met.

I never want to eat mac 'n cheese again, and my kids happen to be allergic, so we don't eat that, but rice and lentils (in the form of Mujadarrah) is still part of our dinner repertoire.

In that vein, I thought I would share a list of some of my favorite low-cost meals:

Eggs and Toast. I can get a dozen organic eggs using a bonus points system at a local store for $1.49. That's about 12.5 cents per egg. A slice of Ezekial Bread is $0.36/each. (Homemade is cheaper- still working on perfecting that.) A meal of two eggs for each adult, one egg for each of our two children, a slice of toast each, and half a sliced apple is about $3.19 for my family.

Mujadarrah. This requires a couple TB of olive oil, a cup of lentils, a large onion, and a cup of brown rice. I cook my lentils in frozen veggie or chicken stock that I've made myself and frozen. This recipe serves 4 people a decent serving. I can make a batch for less than $2 on average.

Falafel: I make my chickpeas in the slow cooker and then freeze. I keep a bag of bread ends/crusts in the freezer to make breadcrumbs in the food processor as needed. I can make a large batch of this for less than $2, depending on the price of the dried chickpeas.

Boston Baked Beans: I used navy beans from dried, and trim the bacon amount to 3 slices. This can make a big pot for under $2. This can feed us easily for 2 days.

Homemade Pizza: I can make a large pizza for $1 or less. We don't use cheese due to allergies, which brings the cost down. I buy a cheap can of store brand tomato sauce and add in dried Italian seasoning and garlic powder to make the sauce. We typically only have veggies, such as bell pepper, onion, and tomato on ours. Even if you like cheese on your pizza, sale priced mozzarella shouldn't make this more than $2 to make.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Herb Roasted Whole Chicken, Roast Carrots and Potatoes and Onions, Corn on the Cob

Tuesday: Hummus, Carrot Sticks, Crackers, Tomatoes

Wednesday: Grilled Honey Lime Chicken Skewers, Grilled Corn, Grilled Beets

Thursday: Black Bean Sweet Potato Open Faced Burritos, Homemade Guacamole, Corn on the Cob

Friday:Lentil Shepherds Pie with Parsnip Potato Crust

Saturday: Vegan Quick Black Bean Tacos

Sunday: hunt and peck/leftovers

To make this week:

Homemade Slow Cooker Chicken Stock

Pumpkin Bread

Breakfasts: Oatmeal, Toast, Overnight Oatmeal, Granola

Hundreds more menu plans here!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekly Shopping

Weekly CSA Share:
2 lb potatoes, 3 lb carrots, 1 pint blackberries, 2 beets, 10 bulbs garlic, 2 quarts tomatoes, 2 yellow squash, 1 bunch basil, 6 ears of corn (counting as 27 items)


Dorothy Lane Market Trip:
2 half-gallons Organic Valley Chocolate Soy Milk: $3.98
1 quart organic strawberries: $4.99
1 pint local blueberries: $3.99
2 avocados: $3.98
2.5 lbs organic bananas: $1.93
1 bunch organic cilantro: $1.99
1 lb parsnips: $2.49
1 pineapple: $5.30
DL Nitrite Free Hot Dogs: $4.79
Chicken Tenders: $6.39
1 organic Ed Hill Whole Chicken: $13.93
1 dozen organic eggs: $1.49
Vanilla Extract: $4.75
Corn Tortillas: $1.29
Molasses: $3.49
Tomatillo Salsa:$3.99
Ketchup: $1.50
2 cans tomato paste: $1.58
4 organic kiwi fruit: $2.76
1 organic lime: $0.69
1 loaf organic Ezekial Bread: $4.99


Grand total: $100.56

Total food items: 54
Organic items: 39
% Organic: 72%

Monday, August 5, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Sunday: Slow Cooker Beef and Cabbage (still working through all that CSA cabbage)

Monday: leftovers

Tuesday: Whole Wheat Pasta with Turkey Spinach Meatballs (frozen from last week), Zucchini, Tomato, and Garlic

Wednesday: Corn and Potato Chowder (using almond milk instead of half and half and oil instead of butter), Tomatoes

Thursday: leftover chowder, Tomatoes

Friday: Falafel, Sliced Tomato and Cucumbers, Roasted Carrots

Saturday: Dairy Free Chicken and 40 Cloves of Garlic, Corn, Green Beans

Breakfast: still munching through homemade granola and fresh peaches

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weekly Shopping

 Fulton Farms CSA Share (all organic) : 6 ears corn, 2 quarts tomatoes, 2 lb potatoes, 2 onions, 3 zucchini, 10 bulbs garlic, 1.5 lbs carrots, 1 pint blackberries: $22

Babies R Us:
2 6-pack Take n Toss Lidded Containers (our stainless steel ones are too hard for kids to open independently, and the 6 year old ones are almost dead):

Whole Foods:
Organic Ezekial Bread: $3.99
3 Soy Dream Half-Gallon Soy Milks: $11.97
2 Blue Diamond Chocolate Almond Milk $5.00
1 Half-Gallon Organic Soy Milk (making yogurt!): $2.99
1 6.5 oz container black pepper: $7.99
1 Earth's Best Organic Waffles: $3.49
1 Organic Bacon: $4.99
1 pint local honey: $10.99
1 pint dairy-free Coconut Yogurt (using as a starter): $1.99
1 Organic Peanut Butter: $2.99
1 bottle Turmeric: $3.99
1 dozen Organic Eggs: $2.59
3 lb organic bananas: $2.11
Organic Arugula: $1.99
Organic Heirloom Lettuce: $3.99
1 pint Organic Blueberries: $4.49
3 Organic Kiwi: $2.67
 1 bunch Organic Celery: $2.49

1 newspaper: $2
1 96 ox Apple Juice: $2.48
3 lb Sugar: $2.26
2 50 sq feet Reynolds Foil: $4.96
2 65 count quart size Walmart Brand Freezer Bags: $7.56 (this was cheaper per bag by $0.01/bag than couponing)

$131.03 for all
$108.39 for food

Number of food items:50
Number organic:37
% organic: 74%

Room for improvement: I'd like to perfect homemade bread, but I'm am going to spend time perfecting that soy yogurt first. I'm happy with Ezekial bread, as it is already frozen and has plenty of protein, though I see Whole Foods may have it at the best price. I plan on washing and reusing any freezer bags that do not hold meat (most are used for preserving berries, veggies, and beans.)

We are saving money on weekday breakfasts by having "toast soldiers" (toast with jam sliced into strips) at least two mornings a week. Our son is very regimented and particular, and it has taken a while to break him of his morning waffle habit.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Mushroom Risotto, Sliced Tomatoes

Tuesday: Turkey Zucchini Burgers, Corn on the Cob, Tomatoes, Watermelon

Wednesday: Slow Cooker Beef and Cabbage

Thursday: leftover beef and cabbage

Friday: BLTs, Tomatoes, Salad

Saturday: dinner out

Sunday: hunt and peck

Treat: Pumpkin Bread

Hundreds more menu plans here!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Weekly Shopping

CSA Share: 3 lb potatoes, 3 lb carrots, 2 large yellow squashes, 1 lb green beans, 2 quarts tomatoes, 1 small watermelon, 5 ears corn, a pint of fresh blackberries: $22

Dorothy Lane Market:
3 homemade soups: $14.97
2 Organic Valley Chocolate Soy Milks: $5.28
Silk Unsweetened Almond Milk: $2.99
Applegate Farms Organic Turkey Bologna: $3.99
1 lb Organic Grass-fed Local Beef: $7.99
Mushrooms: $2
2 lbs local peaches: $4.24
Organic parsley: $1.99
Romaine Lettuce: $3.29
Organic Apple Juice: $4.45
Tomato Paste: $0.79
Canned Tomatoes: $6.75
Organic Salsa: $3.79
Bacon: $4
Organic Ezekial Bread: $4.29


3 chocolate almond milks: $9
4 Vanilla Soy Dream quarts: $8




We'll also have to hit the health food store for a few more yogurts and some waffles, for an additional $10. No homemade yogurt this week. Our daughter has been very ill with croup/asthma and was almost hospitalized. Experimentations planned for next weekend.

Number of items: 39
Number organic: 22
Percent organic: 54%

Monday, July 22, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Sunday: clean out the fridge- hunt and peck

Monday: Mexican Baked Eggs With Black Beans

Tuesday: Arby's Sandwiches (did you see the July 23rd only deal to get a sandwich for $0.64?) and Oven Roasted Veg for adults, freezer chicken nuggets and veg for kids

Wednesday: Turkey Zucchini Burgers (local Bowman Landes Turkey), corn on the cob, Homemade Fridge Pickles, Salad

Thursday: Slow Cooker Falafel, Sliced Fresh Cucumbers, Tomatoes

Friday: BLTs, Salad

Saturday: Afternoon Birthday Party, hunt and peck at home dinner

Home-prepared this week:

Freezer Bean Burritos

Zucchini Chocolate Chip Vegan Muffins

Homemade Granola

Hundreds more menu plans HERE!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weekly Shopping

Weekly CSA box from Fulton Farms (2 cabbages, quart tomatoes, 1 large zucchini, 1 beet, 1 kohlrabi, 4 yellow squash, 8 carrots, 3 cucumbers, 3 ears of corn): $22

Health Food Unlimited:
2 bunches organic bananas: $4.70
2 boxes Earth's Best Organic Waffles: $7.58
3 4-packs Silk Soy Yogurt: $14.97 (Whole Soy out of stock due to factory issues)
Applegate Farms Organic Bacon: $ 4.99
Tree of Life Organic Ketchup: $2.27
Organic Lettuce: $3.09
Mushroom Broth: $4.59
1.7 lb Organic Dried Navy Bean: $2.91
1.3 lb Organic Raw Pumpkin Seeds: $9.43
2 lb Organic Quick Oats: $3.01


Organic Ezekial Bread: $3.49
Skyline Frozen Chili Spaghetti: $3.49
Organic Apple Juice: $3.49
Ginger Snaps: $2.99
2 cans Pringles: $3
Kroger Croutons: $1
Kroger Canola Oil: $2.58
LaRosa's Spaghetti Sauce: $2.99
Deli Swiss Cheese: $3.25
Deli Roast Beef: $4.87
Deli Pickle Loaf: $3.70
2 Organic Soy Milks: $5
Silk Almond Milk: $2.99
2 8 oz Coppertone Kids Sunscreen (used $5 off 2 coupon): $8.98


Weekly Total: $132.34

Percentage Organic Items: 53 food items/38 organic = 72% organic

Room for improvement: Try to perfect homemade soy yogurt (HUGE expense). I find it difficult to get the soy product to thicken evenly and my kids prefer it thick rather than runny. Also, I'd like to experiment making my own mushroom broth. Right now we do not have room in the freezer, thanks to the summer produce, and we have no additional freezer (we have to rewire the electric in the house before we can add another energy sucking device). The Pringles? Total impulse buy.

Still, we're under $140/week, which is the government's estimates for a "thrifty" plan for a family of 4- and my budget this week included $9 for sunscreen.For food, I averaged $30.75 per person. Almost 3/4 of our food was organic.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Long time no post. This is what happens when you have months of horrific morning sickness.

Saturday: Veggie Infused Meatloaf, Roasted Zucchini,  Potato, and Mushrooms, Oven Roasted Green Beans

Sunday: Roasted Pork Tenderloin, German Potato Salad, Sweet and Sour Slow Cooker Cabbage

Monday: Pasta with Tomato, Zucchini, Summer Squash, and Onions. Turkey Spinach Meatballs.

Tuesday: Herbed Baked Chicken, Roasted Mushrooms, Zucchini, and Onions, Rice cooked in Homemade Chicken Stock

Wednesday: Mexican Baked Eggs, Sliced fresh tomatoes and cucumbers

Thursday: Beef Vegetable Soup in the slow cooker

Friday: leftover soup

Saturday: Grilled Turkey Zucchini Burgers, Grilled Corn, Homemade Refrigerator Bread and Butter Pickles, Watermelon

Treats: Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread Muffins

This week we've had LOTS of cucumbers, yellow squash, zucchini, and cabbage in our CSA share.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Sunday: Lentil Shepherds Pie with Potato/Parsnip Crust (this was AMAZING), Pan-Fried Brussels Sprouts

Monday: leftover Shepherds Pie, sliced green peppers, Roasted Cauliflower

Tuesday: Pan Fried Sunchokes, Sweet Potato Cottage Fries BBQ Tofu, Vegan Cole Slaw

Wednesday: BBQ Chickpeas, Corn on the Cob, Oranges, Kale Chips

Thursday: Vegan Tacos on Homemade Corn Tortilla (trying out that tortilla press for the first time)

Friday: Veggie Quesadillas with Daiya Cheddar Shreds

Saturday: Mushroom and Spinach Pockets (vegan) and Pumpkin Spice Turnovers (also vegan)

Breakfasts: Green Monster Smoothies, Homemade Granola with Peaches

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

 This week's focus: Zero Waste from our CSA box and eating a more plant-based diet. So, vegan or egg-only meals (2 dairy allergies and 1 dairy intolerance in this family of 4), and meat once a week.

Monday: Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Chickpeas, Mushrooms, and Onions

Tuesday: BBQ Tofu Bites, Roasted Sweet Potato and Sunchokes (both courtesy of CSA box)

Wednesday: Mujadarrah

Thursday: Sister Kate's Red Lentils and Sweet Potatoes

"Simmer red lentils with a cinnamon stick, 2-3 thin, peeled slices of fresh ginger, and a bay leaf. While that's simmering, sauté cubes of Japanese sweet potato (also called batata) and diced red and yellow peppers in some oil. You can also include yellow onion if you want something else to balance out the sweetness of the lentils and cinnamon. Add some turmeric towards the end. When that's done, take the cinnamon stick, bay leaf, and ginger out of the lentils and add in the fry pan mixture. Also add diced celery incl the leaves if you have them. Simmer until everything is soft. You can leave it chunky or blend it. Add salt to taste."

Friday: Alton Brown's Deviled Eggs, Veg from CSA box, French Onion Soup

Saturday: Mettwurst, Pan-Fried Onions and Potatoes, Sauteed Garlic Spinach

Sunday: hunt and peck

Goodies: Vegan Blueberry Oat Muffins 

My work-at-home lunches: Salads from CSA box, fruit, freezer bean burritos, or PB & J

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Leftover Chili

Tuesday: Pork Chops, Roasted Cauliflower

Wednesday: Baked Eggs With Spicy Beans, Veg from CSA box

Thursday: Alton Brown's Deviled Eggs, veg from CSA box

Friday: Grass Fed Hot Dogs, Homemade Buns, Veg from CSA box

Saturday: Balsamic Slow Cooker Roast Beef, Veg TBD

Sunday: hunt and peck

Freezer Bean and Cheese Burritos

Hundreds more menu plans here!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Sunday: Hunting and Pecking

Monday: Veggie Infused Meatloaf (using spinach, carrot, celery, and onion), Pan-Fried Brussels Sprouts

Tuesday: Crock-Pot Picadillo over Brown Rice

Wednesday: Chicken with Cauliflower and Olives

Thursday: Boston Baked Beans, Kale Chips

Friday: Leftover beans, Salad

Saturday: Husband's birthday- not sure yet, may go out, may eat in

Sunday: hunt and peck

Treats: Gluten and Dairy Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Shopping Trip 3/15

I didn't have time to hit anything other than the nearby brand new Kroger. Here's what I got this week:
Organic Strawberries
2 packs of Earth's Best Waffles (organic)
Large pack organic spinach
Organic ground beef
brussels sprouts (conventional)
organic head of cauliflower
cantaloupe (conventional)
Kroger shredded cheese
Yukon Gold potatoes (conventional)
organic raspberries
2 packs organic blackberries
large pack blueberries (conventional)
Applegate Farms bacon
Kroger deli broccoli cheese soup
Kroger brand cupcake liners
Dean French Onion Dip (for party)
Potato Chips (for party)
Organic White Flour
Kroger chocolate almond milk
Kroger Chocolate Soy Milk
Kroger unsweetened almond milk
8 Silk soy yogurts
Organic Apple Juice
Kroger grape juice
Juicy Juice Apple Juice boxes (for party)
Pizza Rolls (for party)
Organic Wheat Crackers
Ezekial Organic Wheat Bread
Organic canned tomatoes
Rotel mild tomatoes
Organic peanut butter
mushrooms (conventional)
organic cilantro

Total: $108.63

36% of my items were organic

I still have to hit the specialty store for local eggs and dairy-free chocolate chips . That should be $5 more.

Next week or the week after should start our delivery of Fulton Farms Happy Box. Fulton Farms is a local CSA farm who does home delivery all over the Dayton, OH area. We will get the Standard Small box, which will include local organic produce from the farm and a bit of organic produce from elsewhere to round it out. The Standard small box in $22/week, and has about 10-15 pounds of produce.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Grass-fed Beef, Cabbage, and Stewed Tomatoes in the slow cooker

Tuesday: leftover beef and cabbage

Wednesday: Balsamic Brown Sugar Chicken Thighs, Sweet Potato Cottage Fries, Rainbow Chard (I make the chard in this recipe minus the portobello mushroom)

Thursday: Alton Brown's Deviled Eggs, Balsamic Roasted Asparagus

Friday: Mujadarrah

Saturday: birthday dinner date out

Sunday: hunt and peck- clean out the fridge

Many more menu plans here!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekly Grocery Total

$79 at the neighborhood specialty store.

Here's what I bought:

Organic Grape Juice
Puff's Plus tissues
Mild Green Chiles (canned, conventional)
Back To Nature Wheat Crackers (conventional)
1 Lemon (conventional)
1 cucumber (conventional)
1 green bell pepper (conventional)
1 red bell pepper (conventional)
1 Spaghetti Squash (conventional)
Organic Broccoli
Organic Bananas
Organic Celery
Organic Yellow Onions
Organic Russet Potatoes
Carrot Chips (conventional)
Organic Blueberries
Organic Cherry Tomatoes
Tomatoes of the Vine (conventional)
Organic Turkey Bologna
Organic Frozen Strawberries
Local Organic Eggs from Morning Sun Farm
Unsweetened Almond Milk
Chocolate Almond Milk
Organic Chocolate Soy Milk
Organic Fuji Apples

Out of 24 items that could potentially be organic, 13 are, or about 54%. I'm hoping if I keep track, I can find ways to increase that.

We'll have to do a run to the health food store for frozen Earth's Best Waffles, bananas, and soy yogurt mid-week, for a total of about $19, plus I'll need to get the roast for Saturday, which will be about $12.

I anticipate a total of $110 for the week. I've been lax with the cash system, and I hope to get back to it, especially since we will be outlaying cash for my Bachelor of Nursing completion this year.

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Whole Wheat Pizza with Mushrooms and Pepperoni

Tuesday: Mexican Baked Eggs

Wednesday: Spaghetti with Homemade Sauce

Thursday: Boston Baked Beans

Friday: Chicken Casserole with Vegan White Sauce

Saturday: Slow Cooker Balsamic Roast Beef, German Potato Salad

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Sunday: hunt and peck

Monday: Bacon Wrapped Chicken, Carrots

Tuesday: Black Bean Burgers

Wednesday: Homemade Whole Wheat Pepperoni Pizza

Thursday: Pierogies and Peas

Friday: dinner out!

Saturday: Baby Girl's 2nd birthday, wings from BW-3

Sunday: leftovers

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Sunday: leftover Balsamic Roast Beef

Monday: Bacon Chicken, Carrots

Tuesday: Beef Vegetable Soup using homemade stock

Wednesday: leftover beef vegetable soup

Thursday: Spicy Beans and Eggs with Toast Soldiers (using pintos made in slow cooker and frozen), Salad and Sliced Tomatoes

Friday: Mustard Chicken, Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Saturday: Hired a babysitter, and having amazing meal at The Winds Cafe with friends!

Lunches: Time to make my every other week batch of Rice and Bean Freezer Burritos! Adding sliced avocado and cilantro to mine this week.

Day Care Snacks: Pumpkin Bread- I love this version because of the added molasses flavor.
We don't eat cereal, but have a box of Rice Crispies we need to use up. Making Rice Crispy Treats this weekend.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Mujadarrah

Tuesday: Mushroom Risotto

Wednesday: BLTs, Roasted Cauliflower

Thursday: Pancakes and Sausage, Fruit

Friday: Grass-fed Beef Hot Dogs, Homemade Buns, Corn,

Saturday: Balsamic Beef Roast in Slow Cooker (this was sooooooo good),Cinnamon Apple Slices

Sunday: leftover roast beef sandwiches

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Garbanzo Beans

Tuesday: Slow Cooker Falafel

Wednesday: BLT Lettuce Wraps

Thursday: Pancakes and Sausage from the freezer, Fruit

Friday: Homemade Whole Wheat Pizza with Turkey Pepperoni and Mushrooms (no cheese!)

Saturday: Roast Balsamic Beef in Slow Cooker, Brussels Sprouts, Mini Cherry Pies

To make: Freezer Bean and Cheese Burritos (for myself only), Toddler Muffins

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Sunday: Cabbage Soup

Monday: Leftover Cabbage Soup

Tuesday: BLT Lettuce Wraps

Wednesday: Slow Cooker Falafel

Thursday: Mexican Baked Eggs

Friday: Whole Wheat Homemade Pizza with Mushroom and Turkey Pepperoni (dairy free)

Saturday: Veggie Infused Meatloaf, Oven Potatoes, Cherry Clafouti

For the kids: Toddler Muffins