Monday, September 24, 2012

My Home Command Center

( You can read what I've written for the CareSource blog about creating a family plan. There are plenty of links at the bottom of the post!)

I am not organized by nature. I love how much the internet has made it easy to find ideas to control the clutter that comes into my house. I've developed a good-sized Pinterest Board filled with organization ideas, and I've slowly been working through projects one by one.

Since my son is now in pre-k, and I have loads of papers coming in day care on a daily basis, I've been working this summer on creating a command center near the entry from our garage .

Pictured above- the first thing we see when we walk in our door and the last thing we see as we grab our keys to leave. This is a picture frame with a vinyl chalkboard sticker and hooks for hanging keys. I bought mine on Etsy, as I am not even remotely good at making such things, and my husband has no time.This chalkboard allows us to see at a quick glance what we have on tap for the day.

This project was an extension of my refrigerator redo I did in the spring.

 The right-hand side holds our family folder. My son does get some "home-fun" from pre-k, and it is clipped to the outside of his folder with a binder clip. Papers that need to be signed and brought into work or day care go in these folders.

Our fridge is right next to our garage door, so this is in the direct line of vision as we are heading out the door. On the left side is a chalkboard sticker bought on Etsy that lists our menu for the week.  I make my weekly menu plan every Saturday and post it here with links to the recipes I need. I then write in out on my fridge chalkboard.

My next plans: Making a Drop-Zone for shoes and backpacks in the garage, medicine cabinet redo, long term school paper organization, and a dollar store pantry makeover.

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bridget said...

love it. I need to take a picture and show you the one I did this w/e for the kids school stuff.