Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekly Shopping Trip

Kroger trip: $95. $10 for paper towel large pack. The two single packs of Brawny were free this week. We send a small 32 oz. carton of almond milk to day care every week for our son. There was a blinky in the aisle for $0.55 that doubled to $1 off, and cartons were on sale for 2.69- so they were $1.69. I've gotten them for $1 each before, but not in a long while. I bought 4 to last us the next month.

I still have to hit Aldi's to get two 3 lb bags of onions for $0.69 each, a whole pineapple for $1.69, and two 8 oz. mushrooms for $0.59 each, which will add $4.27 more to my total. I should just stay within my $100 budget.

I have chosen to increase it my weekly grocery budget so I can focus more on buying organic and local. We are fortunate to have a local source of organic eggs ($4.69 a dozen), milk from pastured cows, local beef and bison from pastured animals, and locally raised free range organic turkey and chicken. I have decided to take advantage of it.

I will start telecommuting from home again within a week or so, and it will free up that precious time I have not had to focus on cooking again. I bought my last shipment of formula, and will save about $100 a month in gas when I telecommute. This means we can easily increase out grocery budget without stretching our budget more. Hallelujah!

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