Sunday, January 29, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Mushroom Risotto

Tuesday: Pineapple and Chicken Quesadillas,

Wednesday: Falafel, Tomatoes, and Cucumbers

Thursday: Mushroom and White Bean Stew,

Friday: Tuscan Baked Eggs

Saturday: dinner out

Sunday: hunt and peck

Breakfast: Green Monster Smoothie, Homemade Granola, Yogurt, and Fruit

Lunches: (working from home now!!) Fresh broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and red bell pepper with ranch dip, huge salads with romaine, red onion, carrots, tomato, and either grilled sirloin or chicken

Weekly Shopping Trip

Dorothy Lane market: local meats, bread, eggs, yogurt, and splurge on beer cheese and muffins: $30

Kroger trip: $70 for food and $7 for clearance priced fresh flowers. I've been getting marked-down flowers at Kroger and they've been lasting about 2 weeks each time.

"When of thy mortal goods thou find thyself bereft, And from the goodly store two loaves alone are left…Sell one, and with the dole buy hyacinths to feed thy soul." Mosli Eddin Saadi

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekly Shopping Trip

Kroger trip: $95. $10 for paper towel large pack. The two single packs of Brawny were free this week. We send a small 32 oz. carton of almond milk to day care every week for our son. There was a blinky in the aisle for $0.55 that doubled to $1 off, and cartons were on sale for 2.69- so they were $1.69. I've gotten them for $1 each before, but not in a long while. I bought 4 to last us the next month.

I still have to hit Aldi's to get two 3 lb bags of onions for $0.69 each, a whole pineapple for $1.69, and two 8 oz. mushrooms for $0.59 each, which will add $4.27 more to my total. I should just stay within my $100 budget.

I have chosen to increase it my weekly grocery budget so I can focus more on buying organic and local. We are fortunate to have a local source of organic eggs ($4.69 a dozen), milk from pastured cows, local beef and bison from pastured animals, and locally raised free range organic turkey and chicken. I have decided to take advantage of it.

I will start telecommuting from home again within a week or so, and it will free up that precious time I have not had to focus on cooking again. I bought my last shipment of formula, and will save about $100 a month in gas when I telecommute. This means we can easily increase out grocery budget without stretching our budget more. Hallelujah!