Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weekly Shopping Trip

Dorothy Lane Trip: I hit the specialty store due to limited time this week. All in all $66. I admit that $6 of that was from a couple slices of chocolate cream pie. Nom, nom, nom. Hiding in the back there is another $15 box of 200 Finish tabs from Costco courtesy of Mom. I think we're set for the next 2 years.

We also picked up 2 boxes of Earth's Best Blueberry Waffles at the health food store, for a total of $72 for the week.

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Searching said...

Okay, I was sooooo excited to tell you this. I went to RiteAid today & they had probiotics on sale for $15 (usually $25) AND it gave you $15 register rewards! I came home & actually talked hubby into taking them, so I will go back the next few days and buy more w/the reward $$ & will end up with my own little army of probiotics bought for just the price of tax! :)