Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday and Weekly Shopping

Walgreens trips: 2 trips total, which I heartily do not recommend when you have bronchitis and feel dizzy :(. The Softsoaps were B1G1, and were $2.99 each after coupons.  The ALL was $2.99 after coupon, and paper towels were $3.99 after coupon. The last time I bought paper towels was 18 months ago- I hoard those suckers like a goblin hoards gold! Everything else ended up being free or a moneymaker after register rewards. I think I have over $40 RRs now.

I plan to start rolling them quite a bit again. I haven't been to Walgreens in months.

CVS trip:  Spent $21.75, got $20.75 in Extra Care Bucks back. I hadn't planned on getting the iPod earphones, but mine have been crumbling to bits after 7 years, and it ended up being $6 ECBs back. Why not?

Health Food Store trip: $32. $16 of that was a quart of local honey.

Kroger trip: $29 ($25 for food)

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