Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekly Shopping Trips

Whole Foods trip: $113. $5 was an organic basil plant, which my husband was kind enough to pot.I did get some good deals, Muir Glen organic tomatoes for $1 a can, Earth's Best Waffles for $2 each, and 2 cartons of free Imagine Low Sodium Vegetable Broth. The Soy Dream's are $3.29 for a 64 oz container, which is the cheapest I can find it. We added a few things we wouldn't normally buy, like Tamarind Paste, Garam Masala, salt-free Veggie Boullion, and Agave Nectar, as I am eating more vegan and sugar-less dishes. Next week will be a Kroger trip as usual.

My CVS trip: I had $15 in ECBs to use. I paid $13 out of pocket for the above and got $7 in ECBs back.

My mother found this package at Costco for $15. 90 tablets at Sam's is $12. The only time I have paid less is when I got 14 boxes for free last year with a high value coupon.

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Jennifer Godale said...

I love the finish with powerballs. I'll have to have my mom pick me up a box at Costco (I live an hour from one.) That would probably last me a year!