Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekly Shopping Trips

Kroger Trip: $48. Pre-made baby foods were $10. My costs will probably increase over the short term as we do trials of food.

Health food store: $42 plus $6 for lecithin. The lecithin is to make my own cooking spray (part of my yearly pledge to reduce waste- if any of you local folks want to share ours, let me know, we have quite a bit). My husband went, so I had less control over cost. He picked up an $11 maple syrup and $4 of snap peas that were not on my list :(.

Sam's Club and 2nd Health Food Store trip: Earth's Best baby food on sale at health food store means 10 jars for $4.49. Sam's trip was $50 out of pocket after gift card. We seem to be spending a little more since moving towards a more whole foods, organic, made from scratch diet, and since having our daughter. Formula costs are still $69 a month for the Earth's Best formula. I'm hoping once we've hit our stride, and I figure out what, if anything, our daughter is allergic to other than dairy, our costs will decrease again.

I renewed my Sam's Club membership today (the one I won from Stockpiling Moms last year) and got a $20 gift card back for renewing in person at the store. We bought our Halloween chips for $30. The best prices for individual bags of chips are at Sam's. Since our son's allergy means he can't eat the candy passed out at Halloween, we pass out chips instead, and let him nibble from bags all night.

Sam's Club, as I learned last year, does not save as much money as couponing or cooking from scratch most of the time. There are certain, things, however, that make it worth the membership. My husband plays sports all weekend and every Thursday, and drinks Gatorade throughout. I discovered today we can buy a huge container of the powdered formulation for $10, which makes 36 quarts. Usually, I can only on occasion get Gatorade for free in individual servings. The powdered form also produces less waste.

I got a giant container of peanuts for less than $7, and 2 pounds of yeast for $4.50. Usually I spent that much on the jar of yeast at the grocery store. Because I make two or more loaves of bread a week, this makes it very worthwhile. The huge container of brown sugar was $4.50 as well, or 4.5 cents per ounce. Since I started making my own snacks and granola, we are going through more of this quickly.

Other good finds there I would recommend: Bulk flours, sugars, and rice.

I saw a lot of people walking out of there with cases of bottled water (you could pay for your own reverse osmosis water filtration system at home within a year or two after chucking the bottled water habit, as most systems are under $500 installed.) Also, lots of toilet paper, paper towels, pop, and snacks. All I have gotten for substantially less via subscribe and save deals or couponing.


Jennifer said...

My husband loves pistachios and we have yet to find them cheaper anywhere else. He buys a big bag of shelled roasted, salted pistachios every time we go.

MrsSpock said...

We are all crazy about pistachios too, and have yet to find them cheaper elsewhere as well.

Jennifer Godale said...

An inexpensive alternative to having brown sugar on hand is simply mixing your own (as needed) with super inexpensive white sugar and molasses. Never have to deal with it getting hard or lumpy and easy to adjust for recipes (if you need light or dark)