Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weekly Grocery Trips

Health food store trip: $45. Pumpkin seeds are expensive! I did discover that their bulk rolled organic oats and other grains are at a decent price- comparable to the grocery store and organic to boot.

I was disappointed in the organic peaches I bought at quite a price because the conventional ones are part of the Dirty Dozen. They had a mildewy taste to them and I had to send them to an early grave in the compost bin.

Kroger trip: $65- though about $20 of that is from fish oil and vitamin D supplements I found at half price. Bought some jarred baby food for our 4-day trials, and if baby girl does not react, I will get started on making homemade purees to freeze. I don't want to go through an ordeal to make them and find out she can't have them after all!

Since I spent more than I wanted this week, I'll have to keep it tight this coming week's trip- I'm hoping to stay at $30-40, since we started home delivery from an organic farm this week, at $20 a week. From now until January, when delivery stops, we'll have to keep the shopping trip total at $50.

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Searching said...

Has E showed signs of allergies, too?? Does the almond milk keep longer than cow milk? I don't drink milk (thank you, reflux & IBS!) but I like a little to moisten my cereal. I bet almond milk is yummy on whole grain Cheerios!