Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weekly Grocery Trip

Kroger trip: $40. It's hard to believe how much beverages take a chunk out of my grocery budget. I know you can make your own soy and almond milk at home, but the cost is higher. One of the almond milks was free thanks to a coupon from my friend Diane. My CSA box of fruit and veg will be $21 a week.

My frugal fail for the week: A shopping trip to Kohl's that cost me $200. My excuse: I just gave away all of my maternity clothes, and had to replace a work wardrobe that was still 50% maternity clothes. Half of that cost was for 2 pairs of pants- the only pairs of pants- that I could find that correctly fit my body. After 6 different stores in one afternoon, I gave in. Apparently the cost of self-confidence is around $100.


Devouring the Seasons said...

I say that is a small price for feeling good about yourself, but I DO understand how hard it is to part with that much money. I have been cutting my own hair since before my second child was born (for those counting, that makes it over eight years). I used to treat myself to a salon cut a couple times a year and trim up myself in between, but it has officially been eight years. I bought myself some new jeans from the clearance rack at Target when I lost a lot of weight. I got a pair of new jeans for $7. :)

Jennifer Godale said...

Pants are evil. I can't figure out who they are making them for... the last time I bought some, I went to over 6 stores, tried on more than 30 pairs and found one. Someone has failed to noticed that women-of all sizes-have hips and thighs and are not just straight up and down. I hope your new pants serve you well.