Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fresh From The Farm

We have a local farm called Fulton Farms, that is the only one in the area to do delivery of fresh organic produce. I stumbled across this a few weeks ago, and signed up immediately. I get a half bushel- or 10-15 pounds of fruit and veg- fresh-picked that day and delivered to my doorstep between 4-9 PM. It costs $21 a week, and you pay a month up front. I paid a deposit of $100 as well, that counts as my last month's delivery. You have the option of locally grown only (that is the option I chose), locally grown with extra organic produce from a supplier, and customized service.

I thought it would be a good idea to learn what truly is in season, and help support a local farm, to choose the Local-only Basket.

There are many Community Supported Agriculture farms in the US that offer similar programs.You can click the link to search near you.

Our Happy Box

Our produce came packed in a box, with only two small wooden containers that will be cleaned and reused. If cutting down on plastic waste is important to you as well, know that the box and crates for your produce will be reused for the season.

It did require unpacking, sorting, and cleaning. Since it is picked that day, you will have to wash off the dirt. This week, we got beets and beet greens, onions, garlic, tomatoes, summer squash, carrots (purple and yellow ones too!), bell peppers (green and purple!), sweet corn (very sweet and very good), pickling cucumbers, squash, basil, purslane.

I've never had beets, so this will be a new experience. I've had one suggestion for Beet Chocolate Cake and there's a Beet Salad recipe I may try.

Supposedly, there will be melons next week!

The seasonality of the produce and not knowing what we'll get will add a new bit of challenge to my menu-planning. I get my box on Wednesday, so my menus may change a bit mid-week.


Bionic Baby Mama said...

you've never had beets? how is that even possible?

beets are fantastic. i hope you love them. and beet greens!

but in case you don't already know this: the next day, when you think you see blood in the toilet, you are not dying. i freak out every time.

MrsSpock said...

I am so deprived, I know! The only time I ate beets was when my mom was on a diet after my youngest sister was born, and she fed us beets from a can. Blech!