Saturday, July 9, 2011

Weekly Shopping Trip

Whole Foods trip: $49 Pretty much everything is organic except for the polenta and tapioca starch. Why tapioca starch? I am using it in this recipe to experiment making my own soy yogurt in my slow cooker. A half gallon of organic unsweetened soy milk at Whole Foods in $2.49. If this experiment is successful, I can make a half gallon of soy yogurt at a time for the same price I pay for half that amount of store-bought soy yogurt. I had to buy a single small organic soy yogurt as a starter, but should be able to use half a cup of my own yogurt in the future as a starter for future yogurt batches.

I discovered organic unsweetened peanut butter is $2.99 at Whole Foods, the cheapest store bought organic I can find. Still haven't seen any deals the past few months on conventional peanut butter!

While out to lunch, I hit a consignment shop and found a 3T Gymboree dress for $8 andan 18M Carter's dress for $7 on the clearance rack. I used a 30% off Carter's coupon to reduce the dress price further. I got a couple crochet hat patterns on Etsy and looked at Michael's to try and find yarn, but left empty-handed as I didn't want to pay full price. I was intrigued by the bamboo yarn, however, as it was quite soft.

My target trip: a candy thermometer, which is very helpful in ensuring my yogurt culture stays at the right temperature, a drink, and some 80 calorie dark chocolate bites my friend Kim introduced me to. Total $3.50 for the food.

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