Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekly Grocery Trips

Part of this week's trip from the specialty store closer by- and proof that I really need to stay away from there! Mostly homegrown and organic produce $46. I discovered this week that the bread I usually buy for our family now has dairy in it (groan). This now means that I must either bake my own or buy it at $5 per loaf at the specialty store. My husband was out of town, and I only had a short time to run and shop as my mom watched my feverish, sick kids- ended up spending $60 more. Yipes! AT least it was mostly organic, right?

Last week's Kroger trip: $58, plus $6 for frozen organic sale waffles at health food store. Amazing how you can get so much more and spend so much less here!


Devouring the Seasons said...

I recently came across a nice vegan/gluten free bread recipe that I have been modifying. I will be posting it soon, because I am going to try to use it to make some good hamburger buns. The bread was awesome, though (we ate two loaves in less than a day!), so I am hoping it will also work for this purpose. I am tired of spending $5-6 for a tiny loaf of gluten free bread that doesn't even taste like bread "should" taste.

- terri

MrsSpock said...

I look forward to your post! I am tired of paying up the wazoo for dairy free bread!