Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend Shopping Trip

I am throwing a baby shower today- with almost 50 expected guests- so the budget is much higher again this week. My brother, a chef, was able to get sandwich supplies, a veggie tray, and a cheese tray at cost, and my mother and I filled in the rest. My total this week from Kroger was $113.85. $20 of that were flowers for decor and favors, and $35 for food and fruit juices. I expect the other supplies from my brother will be $25-$35. Our family food was $58 for the week.


JEN said...

That is still awesome! I spent like $200 on food to host that many people.

Martha (MM) said...

Excellent considering the party especially. I always seem to go way, WAY over budget with parties.

MrsSpock said...

I still feel like we went over budget, but I had no control over the guest list and more than 50% of the people who rsvp'd yes still didn't show up. We sent a lot of food to the local fire station.