Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Great Summer Grocery Makeover: Week 3

This week was a grocery shopping week for my coworker Kim- and it was a great week! The goal was to make it below $59 for 2 weeks worth of groceries. Her total?


That is $14.50 per week for a family of two, and about a 70% reduction in the food budget. Her strategies that helped the most: using a few things she already had instead of buying extra things that would probably end up spoiled, couponing and getting as many freebies as she could, and planning her menu around what was on sale instead of what they had a hankering for that week.

This week we went over a few sites where we could find extra coupons:,,, and the Coupon Network. I usually find them at Deal Seeking Mom. They always seem to have coupons for our water softener salt, and tend to run a high value coupon on a regular basis. I also showed her how to use digital coupons like Cellfire and loaded some eCoupons onto her Kroger Plus card.

She and her mom are still going strong rolling their Walgreens Register Rewards (to Jen who commented on the last post, I will post something soon explaining how they work.) They only paid a couple bucks out of pocket and got over $70 Register Rewards back.

Plan for next week? Rolling, rolling, rolling those rewards still....

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