Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Great Summer Grocery Makeover: Week 2

Week 2

This was not a grocery shopping week for my coworker Kim (remember, she shops for groceries every 2 weeks), so this week's focus was hitting the deals at multiple Walgreens stores. Kim had $92 in Register Rewards to try and roll, and she did very well. By bringing her mom with her to complete two transactions at every store, and hitting multiple stores, they were able to fill her stockpile and earn $85 back in Register Rewards- in other words, keep $85 those $92 rewards bucks rolling instead of having to outlay more cash out of her own pocket.

We loaded her Google Reader with a few deal blogs and food blogs, and went over her stockpile list. They are almost fully stocked with a 12 month supply of most items of her stockpile list. Because they are a family of 2, a few weeks of concerted effort is enough to get them to an almost fully-stocked state. For my family, with two small children, this was a longer process.

I highly recommend using a Reader to avoid wasting time clicking on non-updated blogs. A Reader highlights every time a blog is updated, and will allow you to quickly scan through all the posts to find the ones you want (for me, the grocery store and drug store deals for the week.) Keeping a list of at least a few often used items in your stockpile will keep you from wasting time and money duplicating purchases. My list allows me to know that I have 5 weeks of peanut butter left and need to start keeping an eye out for coupons and deals- and that I have 20 toothpastes and can ignore those deals for quite some time.

What she found helpful, since she is learning to really work the deals, is typing out every deal in a Word document, including how many items and which coupons she is using. Focusing on one store at a time has also been good practice.

The plan for next week: Trying to get two weeks of groceries to be less than $59, and continuing to roll her Walgreens Register Rewards.

My coworker Kim, for being such a good sport, is earning a copy of The Complete Tightwad Gazette. My US and Canadian readers can as well, by following me on GFC and leaving a comment on the post linked HERE that you have done so, before June 9th, 2011. Earn an extra chance by leaving a comment with some great frugal advice for my challenger.


Searching said...

Does that mean she only "spent" $7?? Are you doing an excel list? Do you update it at the store or when you get home? What is your process when you get home, or at the store, for marking off what coupons you used, prices, etc?

My method is not really a method. I have food & nonfood coupon envelopes. If I'm using it, I transfer it to my scrub pocket (I only shop if I'm already out, which means I was working that day. I hate driving) & pull them all out at the register. I don't really keep track of any of them, just know what things I usually have coupons for so will check my envelope. Sometimes I have one & sometimes not. So it's not a good method. If I take the envelopes out of my purse I usually forget to bring them. Where do you keep yours? Is it just a habit now to grab your coupon file or do you keep it in the car?

JEN said...

Can you please explain Walgreens Rewards? I am really curious.