Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekly Shopping Trip

Happy Mother's Day! This is my gift from my beautiful new daughter!

My total from Kroger this week: $52.90 for food, $14.48 for a case of 92 Pampers and some Pampers wipes (for my niece!). I separate my budget for food and kid-related expenses. Add $16.49 for a case of Huggies Pull-ups on and I am down to $69.03 out of my $100 budget for kid stuff for the month. We also spent $12.49 at Whole Foods for soy yogurt, dairy-free chocolate chips for a "chocolate-chip day" at day care next week (and may I say, dairy-free chocolate chips are expensive), and some organic blueberry dairy-free toaster waffles (they are cheapest at Whole Foods).

Food total = $65.39. Not bad! I used a $5 Pampers catalina I got on a previous deal and a $5 Kroger gift card from another deal.

Quite a few freebies too- 6 boxes of free pasta, a package of Uncle Ben's Ready Rice (I cook it on the stove instead of the package), and a free Glade Spring Scent (I will use as part of a gift for a baby shower I am throwing).

The usual fruits and veggies. We watched America's Test Kitchen last night and they had a very simple recipe for oven-roasted fresh broccoli. I decided to make it on the spur of the moment. You can never have too many vegetables, right? I also bought some parsnips to roast with some carrots, and some brussels sprouts.

The flowers were from my in-laws, as we celebrated our 5th anniversary this past week. I love tulips and irises! Yes, I bought diet pop. Cheaper than the vending machine at work. Yes, I am totally guilty of drinking caffeine to help counteract the sedation of my medication and sleepless nights with a baby.

I bought a big disgusting vat of butter-flavored Crisco. There is a lot of cookie baking in the next two months, and the faux butter flavor helps boost the taste in the dairy-free cookies.

A case of Pampers was $12.99 and the wipes were $1.49. I used the $5 Pampers catalina and two coupons. The nice surprise- I got another $5 Pampers catalina back to use on a future Pampers purchase!

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