Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekly Shopping Trip and Birthday Party Costs

Yesterday we celebrated my son's 3rd birthday. He loves Dora The Explorer, so my friend Bridget used her Domestic Goddess skills to whip up this dairy-free Dora cake. (Yes, she is available for your party!)

My grocery budget was a little large this week, with having to feed 17 people the usual party food, plus feed ourselves and be able to pack decent lunches during the week. We had a nice fruit tray of blackberries, watermelon (bought whole and sliced), and strawberries ($1.25 a quart and in-season).

We had fresh veggies and dip (dip was B1G1 this week).

Pasta salad made from 2 boxes of free pasta, a few veggies, and a jar of salad dressing I bought. Total cost was maybe $2.

The heftiest part of my budget was the meat. We finally bought a grill that we had been saving for, and despite the rain, we set up a "man-cave" in the garage around the grill, and cooked out there. Now I know why we don't eat much meat! I was really short on time, so I bought pre-made patties. The meat was $23.63 just by itself!

The bread was $9.

Lots of produce. Corn was $0.25 an ear, and we decided to grill it. We bought 8 ears and cut each ear in half after cooking to make 16 servings.

I had to buy a vat of Crisco to season our propane grill. We send a 32 oz almond milk to day care each week for our son's lunches. The Almond Breeze was on sale 2/$4, and there was a blinky for $0.55 off that doubled to a buck, so I got 5 of them for $1 each. The Propel Fitness waters were free. The Minute Maid OJ I ended up getting for a $1 after the Mega Sale and a coupon I had for $1.

Another steal: Boulder Canyon Chips for $0.49 each. We went through all four yesterday!

I picked up some diapers for my niece with a $5 catalina, making them $4.49. I tried to stack them with a $1.50 manufacturers coupon, but they wouldn't take it, so be forewarned!

All in all: my total was $104.18 for food. $36.85 of that was party food, which comes out of my entertainment budget, plus $25 for the cake fee and non-dairy margarine. Our family food was under $70 for the week. Considering there were 17 of us there, I fed them for $3.64 per person.We didn't have to buy any plates, napkins, or cups, as we are still working on the ones I bought for my mother's 60th birthday 2 years ago! We could have brought down the total by making our own cake, but I didn't mind splurging on my friend's special skills.

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Devouring the Seasons said...

Don't you love it when something's on sale AND you have a coupon? I just had that happen w/ me last night at Whole Foods - the EnviroKids cereals were on sale 2/$6 (putting them at conventional cereal prices) then I had a coupon for $1.50 off 2. Happy! :)

And, yes, it's good to be willing to pay a little more for something hand-made and tailored to your needs. That cake is truly beautiful!