Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Shopping Trip

Kroger shopping trip: About $70 even. I got a TON of strawberries.

I set aside $25 a month for drugstore deals, and only spent $8 of it on eye drops this month (and got $8 back in Extra Care Bucks). I decided to hit the health food store and spend that surplus on a few extras, including a big 'ol jar of raw honey, a bag of hemp protein, and pre-made organic waffles for my son. They are a huge treat for him. I have a hard time getting enough protein every day, despite eating nut butters, greek yogurt, or beans and lentils at every meal. Hopefully it won't have too strong a taste when mixed with other things.

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JEN said...

Wow, you amaze me! I buy these frozen waffles for my toddler at Whole Food, 3.29 for 6 small, but they have high protein and 6 g fiber per serving and she loves them. It is nice to throw in her lunch.