Monday, May 16, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Lots of repeats this week, as we use up what we have...

Meatless Monday: Light Fettuccine Alfredo, Roasted Broccoli

Tuesday: Black Bean Burritos, Sweet Potatoes With Feta

Wednesday: Mujadara, Roasted Broccoli

Thursday: Black Bean Chili, Pan Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Friday: Whole Wheat Pizza with leftover veggies

Grillin' It Saturday: Mustard, Lemon, and Coriander Grilled Chicken, Grilled Pineapple, Grilled Corn

Sunday: hunt and peck

Lunches: leftover pasta salad from birthday party, Curried Chicken Salad made with Sam's Rotisserie Chicken, PB & J, leftover mujadara

Hundreds more menu plans here!

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