Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Match-Ups Week of 5/1/11

Each week I pick the sites I feel have the most comprehensive lists of deals for a store. A few places I'm going for my match-ups this week:

Stretching A Buck for Kroger deals: FREE Creamette, San Giorgio, and Ronzoni pasta, FREE Boulder Canyon Chips, FREE Mom's Best cereal, Campbell's Soup as low as $0.09, Silk ALmond Milk $0.49, Quaker Rice Snack $0.24, Kraft Singles $0.29. The New Frugal Mom adds that Sunny-D, Propel Fitness Water, Nivea Body Wash, Reach Toothbrushes, and Ivory Bar Soap can be gotten for FREE too.

Stretching A Buck for Meijer deals: Yoplait Yogurt $0.37, Oscar Meyer carving Board Lunchmeat $0.69, Ore Ida Hashbrowns or Fries for $1.33 each, Prego Pasta Sauce $1, Aunt Millie's Bread or Bins $0.01, Uncle Ben's Ready Rice $0.16.

Stretching A Buck for Target deals: FREE John Frieda Hair Color, Huggies or Pampers big packs 2 for $15.99 each, FREE Rayovac batteries, FREE Aquafresh Training Toothpaste, Nivea For Men Body Wash $0.04, Up and Up Panti Liners $0.39.

Deal Seeking Mom for Walgreens deals: FREE Fixodent Cleanser, FREE Noxema raxors, FREE Gum Eez-Thru Flosser, FREE Tylenol Precise, 2 FREE Right Guard Body Wash, FREE Relaxer Kit, FREE Head and Shoulder Shampoo and Conditioner, FREE Gilette Fusion Proglide System, Aussie hair Care $0.99, U by Kotex $1.50 each, 2 Cottonelle 12-pks for $2 each.

Deal Seeking Mom for CVS deals: FREE Colgate Toothpaste, 3 Nivea Body Lotions $1.32 each, Tide $3.99, Metamucil $3.99, All Detergent $2.99, Right Guard Deodorant or Body Wash $0.25 each, 4 Maalox Liquids for $1.74 each, Miralax $5.99, Oscal +D 2 for $2.29 each, Soft Scrub $0.49.

Deal Seeking Mom for Rite Aid deals: FREE Crest or Oral-B toothbrushes, FREE Revlon Emery Boards, FREE Profoot Foot Care, FREE Dove For Men Deodorant, FREE Excedrin PM, FREE Butterfinger Snackers (SO addictive), Revlon Foundation $0.99 (usually $10!), Gillette Fusion Proglide $0.99, Pampers Jumbo pack $5.49.

Deal Seeking Mom is also reporting Staples has HP Photo Paper $1 after easy rebate and Hammermill 500 sheets ream for $3. We have two huge boxes of paper I got a year ago for free using Staples Easy Rewards and we have barely touched one. My kids will be in college before we get through that free paper.

Also, Aveeno Baby Sun Care $0.99 each at Target after coupons and gift cards.

According to Cincinnati Cents, is selling gift certificates for 80% off and Blooms Today is offering 50% off flower arrangements.

Money Saving Mom reports Driscolls Berries has a coupon for its fresh fruit, that Swiffer will be giving away 100,000 Swiffer Duster Kits via Facebook soon (we are sticking with a plain cloth diaper, as I am too cheap to buy refills of this), and you can get a FREE Breath Rite product at Rite Aid.

If I haven't listed your local stores, I highly recommend you try out The Frugal Map to find local bloggers that do match-ups for you!

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