Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weekly Shopping Trip

Kroger trip for the week: Spent $72.79 and got a $5 gift card back. We went through a ton of produce this week, got hit by a stomach bug, and ended up picking up some extra juices, Gatorade, and broth, bringing my total up more than I expected. Still- not bad though. I'm $12 over where I want to be.

I did get some good deals this week- four 14 oz boxes of Cheerios for $0.91 each (could have gotten them for $0.54 each, but the coupons I had weren't the higher value ones), FREE Planters Almonds from a Facebook promo, Dannon Greek Yogurt for $0.50 each, and 2 FREE boxes of Barilla Piccolini pasta.

I had to buy more expensive individual containers of soy yogurt, so paid a few bucks more. Lots of extra packaging too. It just reminds me I need to experiment with making my own yogurt at home, as both soy and dairy yogurt can be made in the slow cooker, and extra portions frozen. Dairy yogurt can be drained of excess water to make it "Greek" style with more concentrated protein. Anyone make their own yogurt? I am contemplating getting this machine with its own glass containers to decrease our plastic consumption.

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JEN said...

Impressive! I love Greek yogurt compared to regular low fat yogurt.