Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weekly Shopping Trip

Kroger total for the week: $72.50 for food and $16.50 for pull-ups and flushable wipes for my potty-training resistant son. I still have to buy apples, organic locally-raised eggs, and organic apple juice, so my total will be more like $80 once I hit the health-food store. That means next week my budget will be $60 to keep my monthly spending at $280. I have a separate monthly budget of $100 for baby formula (currently $44 a month and will increase to $88 a month in a few months) and my son's pull-ups. We tried underwear and cloth training pants, but it just ended up with months of constant wet jeans and pee all over my carpet. So disposable pull-ups it is!

As you can see, there is a lot of fresh produce, mostly organic.

I was able to get 3 Steamfresh frozen veggies (I take them out and cook on the stovetop instead of inside the bag) for $0.67 each and 2 bags for $0.50 each).

The Huggies pull-ups were $8.99 at Kroger, and I had a $1.50 off coupon and a $2 off coupon. Huggies are the only brand that fit our skinny boy the best, as the sides are adjustable. The Charmin flushable wet wipes were $2 with coupon.


Jen-Jen said...

Is store bought formula cheaper than the homemade stuff?

MrsSpock said...

Jen-Jen, from reading your blog I am assuming you are making a snide comment about my feeding formula instead of breastfeeding. My answer to you would be that some of us have serious chronic diseases (sometimes more than one at once)that require very strong medications that are known to cross over into breastmilk. I would love to not have to spend $100 a month for formula. I know someone who has had children after breast cancer who would love the same thing. So much for being a "woman's advocate".