Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weekly Shopping Trip

Kroger trip: $78 for food,including organic chicken and a few extra items to make things for lunches, as I am back to work this week. I plan on making these Zucchini Apple Bran Muffins for quick breakfasts. I also used some of my drug store budget to buy some calcium plus D3,as my food journal on tells me I am not getting enough calcium by far.

I also made a trip to the health food store for my son's soy yogurt (I'd rather pay $4 for a carton that lasts 8 days for him instead of almost $10 for individual containers.) Total was $12. I bought organic local eggs and non-creepy bacon that, combined with the organic chicken, really brought my total up this week. It just means we'll eat from the pantry more next week to keep me overall at $70 a week for the month. I knew there was a reason we ate vegetarian most days! Organic meats are expensive.

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Jennifer Godale said...

Not sure if you have Amish in your area, but getting hormone free, antibiotic free-range meat is a lot cheaper that way. The majority of our meals are meat free, but sometimes that makes it hard to ensure enough protein for everyone. And I have found that tofu (at least the brands that my family will eat) tend to be just as expensive (if not more so) than quality meats.

On a lighter note: Mark told me to go ahead and get meat and milk with hormones in them (don't worry--I won't) because he figures the girls could use some extra growth hormone to be tall like their classmates. But the last thing I am interested in is an 8 year old going through puberty!