Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weekly Shopping Trips

Kroger Trip: about $41 for food and $4.87 for 1.5L Listerine using stacked coupons. Just about everything else is fresh produce, much of it organic. I'll be going back in the next few days to take advantage of free pasta and $0.49 Philadelphia Cooking Cream at Kroger's Mega Sale.

Health food store trip: About $25. Some organic produce, unsweetened organic soy yogurt for my son's daily snack (I usually add berries), and organic frozen fruit for smoothies that were on sale.

I just discovered that Earth's Best makes soy formula (we discovered our daughter likely has a dairy allergy as well). Usually this is a rather expensive $29.99 per can, but amazon.com currently has a coupon code of EBMARCH4 good through March 31st that will give an additional 5% off the sale price. I used Subscribe and Save for an additional 15% off, to bring the price per 25 oz can to $22. For those of us unable to nurse, but wanting to make sure our child gets an organic formula, subscribe and save on Amazon is a great deal. I get free 2-day shipping through Amazon Mom.

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