Thursday, March 17, 2011

Black Bean Burritos

Today's experimentation in vegetarian eating- black bean burritos. I reduced the amount of oil used to saute the veggies to 1 tsp, added a drained can of mild Rotel tomatoes and chilies (gotten for $0.17 per can), an ounce of cheddar, and about a tsp of cumin. I thought these were great! I made sure to rinse the beans well to reduce the sodium content. This served the two of us, and I'd say the meal was about $2.50 tops.

We will definitely make this again.


JEN said...

I eat a lot of canned beans and hopefully rinsing them does decreased the sodium content.

These look yummy!!!

Martha (MM) said...

Looks wonderful! I'll keep these bookmarked for the nights I make regular burritos for the guys - I don't do ground beef, ick!